That time Troye Sivan called out Ariana Grande

As music continues to progress, lyrics start to sound more like sounds instead of words. Recording artists are elongating certain vowels and twisting different pronunciations to sounds edgy. 

Think of artists like Halsey or SZA who. When you hear them, you might think that they’re singing, in what the internet calls, cursive. 

While switching up how you sing a particular word may sound good on the airwaves, it didn’t help Troye Sivan figure out the lyrics to a song from his collaborator Ariana Grande. While out promoting his new album Something to Give Each Other, the “Rush” singer went on Capital FM and took on their “Finish the Lyric” challenge. 

Troye breezed through finishing the lyrics to songs like Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well” and Sam Smith and Kim Petras’ “Unholy.” He even knocked out a High School Musical classic, “Breaking Free,” but when it came time to finish the lyrics to Ariana’s remix of The Weeknd’s “Save Your Tears,” he wasn’t able to save himself. 

“I don’t know this song,” Troye said. “I’m about to get dragged on the internet.”

After failing to finish the song, he was told that the lyric was “Met you once under a Pisces moon.” You can check out Ariana and The Weeknd’s live performance to check it out for yourself. 

Well, we can’t stop the internet from dragging Troye, but we can say that Ariana hasn’t had the best of luck when it comes to enunciating her words. Of which Troye (playfully) called her out on. 

“I didn’t know that that’s the lyric,” Troye said. “Ariana, enunciate.”

In Ariana’s defense, she’s gotten better at this, with fans claiming it’s her time spent working on the upcoming Wicked doing the trick. Check out this video below of singing her first single “The Way” in an updated live rendition that shows her enunciating every word, Troye.

Whether it’s Glinda’s (her role) magic or just practice, we’re sure her future singles won’t stump fans nor Troye when it comes to guessing lyrics. Either way, here’s something to give each other, the full video of Troye’s “Finish the Lyric” challenge. 

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