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Beyoncé Will Become Honorary ‘Mayor Bey’ During Her Santa Clara Tour Stop

Beyoncé is already a queen and now she’s adding mayor to her résumé. 

The “Alien Superstar” is continuing her massively successful Renaissance World Tour and when she reaches Santa Clara, California on August 30, she’ll gain a new title: mayor. That’s right, in addition to receiving the key to the city, Santa Clara City Council voted to hand over the honorary title to Queen Bey from Mayor Lisa Gillmor. 

“The city of Santa Clara is excited about Beyoncé’s upcoming visit to the world-renowned Levi’s Stadium,” Michelle Templeton, Santa Clara spokesperson, said in a statement. “Her concerts will certainly bring a great deal of energy and excitement.”

Yoncé’s tour has definitely brought plenty of energy, excitement, and, most importantly, entertainment. Attendees come straight off the runway with their fashion choices, with Beyoncé now encouraging fans to wear their best silver fashions in honor of Virgo season (Bey’s birthday is on September 4).

Not to mention, Beyoncé’s “Eerbody on Mute” challenge has made fans super competitive as they try to get their city to win by getting everyone in attendance to zip it when Bey sings “look around, eerbody on mute” during her song “Energy.”

Also, each concert becomes a celebration of ball culture, with Queen Bey’s charity BeyGood collaborating with the Human Rights Campaign to throw the Equality Ball during her tour stop in Las Vegas. And just know that each Renaissance concert, Beyoncé “bring it to you every ball.” 

So much so that, in addition to us regular folk attending, Beyoncé’s latest tour has brought in everyone from Parkwood proteges Chloe and Halle Bailey, pop icon Madonna, reality star Ts Madison (who’s featured on Bey’s song “Cozy”), fellow “Houston Hottie” Megan Thee Stallion, “Beautiful Liar” collaborator Shakira, and even Vice President Kamala Harris. And it also brought in a massive profit, with the Renaissance World Tour. 

And when she stops by Santa Clara, she’ll make more history as Mayor Bey. The music icon will join Taylor Swift, who also held the mayoral title when she was in Santa Clara for two days in July during her Eras Tour. Other cities have also given Yoncé accolades, with Minnesota, Maryland, and the city of Atlanta declaring “Beyoncé Day” during her tour stops there. 

When Beyoncé sings “I’m That Girl” she really means it. 

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