You aren't the visuals

Beyoncé’s visuals are coming and this leak proves it

Beyoncé said that her fans “are the visuals,” but this recent leak may prove the visuals are coming.

Over the weekend, the X account @remonkrk009 released a thread of posts that sent the BeyHive into a frenzy. Starting on Jan. 27, @remonkrk009 made several posts allegedly revealing behind the scenes footage of Beyoncé’s music video for “Break My Soul.”

The first post is captioned “In need of the Break My Soul visual” with footage of Beyoncé in a highlighter green latex outfit on top of a motorcycle being filmed in New York City, while “Break My Soul” plays in the background. Then, @remonkrk009 followed up with more clips of several takes from the same shoot.

Naturally, the BeyHive swarmed on the posts, desperately seeking more information from @remonkrk009, who casually dropped all of this information and left Beyoncé fans hungry for more.

So @remonkrk009 made a post to sum up everything the BeyHive was looking for. First, the user made sure to clear up the air that, while a Beyoncé stan, they didn’t have any connection to Parkwood Entertainment (Beyoncé’s record label and production company) or the video shoot, nor did he have any extra information on the visual rollout.

However, @remonkrk009 did state that they loved the green look when it first leaked in 2022 and did an internet deep dive, causally “stumbled upon these videos on a random instagram account.” From there, they noticed that Bey’s hand movements in one of the videos matched “the ‘Everybody…Everybody…’ part in ‘Break My Soul” and they paired music with the footage.

@remonkrk009 stated that they posted the footage onto X “not realizing most fans hadn’t seen it yet,” but encouraged fellow BeyHive fans to celebrate having an idea of what the “Break My Soul” visual may look like. While the original footage can be found on the Instagram account the_spectrum_bk and some of the footage was used during the Renaissance World Tour, the BeyHive still had suspicions around the posts.

One, why was @remonkrk009’s post in the same font as the promo for Beyoncé’s Renaissance era? Also, why release leaks now? Well, the font is pretty easy to snag (it’s BB Manual Mono Pro Original) and artists are known for shooting videos in advance, prior to releasing them.

However, fans are deducing that with the leaks coming out so casually might be a part of a greater project, an upcoming release of the long-awaited visuals. Especially when Big Freedia, whose voice is featured on “Break My Soul” even sent out a thank you post to Queen Bey referencing the visuals.

The BeyHive is desperate for more information (and visuals) and the online chatter proves it.

If she does release the visuals, others are pointing out her impeccable timing, due to the Megan Thee Stallion/Nicki Minaj feud.

And some fans won’t believe the hype until Queen Bey herself makes the drop.

With Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour over, subsequent film, and a new perfume out, Act I of Renaissance is officially over. So Act II could very well be the release of the long-awaited visuals.

If and when the visuals drop, the world will stop, but until then fans, can enjoy knowing that they are not, in fact, the visuals because they actually exist.

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