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Charli XCX’s hilarious marketing ideas gag the internet

If you’re looking for album promo inspiration, look no further than what Charli XCX‘s team has in mind.

When it comes to music, every artist is trying to get a piece of the pie, while striving to set themselves a part from the pack. If an artist isn’t as social media savvy as Lil Nas X or able to capitalize on beef like Megan Thee Stallion, they have to figure out how to get their recordings out to the masses, and get that return on investment too.

Thankfully, Charli XCX has a team helping her out every step of the way and on Monday, the British pop star revealed online the marketing ideas her team sent her with the caption “some cute marketing ideas I was sent last week.” And, well, the tactics are making the internet lose it.

So let’s take a look at the suggestions.

At the very top, “Charli gets her nipples pierced at Claire’s” isn’t even the wildest thing on the list. However, her team might be on to something with having Charli crash drag brunches in Los Angeles and New York City.

If Charlie decides to lip sync to “Vroom Vroom” and transition into Barbie‘s “Speed Drive” who are we to stop her?

And if that’s not the performance we need, Charli’s team recommended leaking her Paris Hilton-esque sex tape. Along the Y2K route they also suggested Charli have a “Winona moment,” referencing the actor’s infamous 2001 shoplifting incident, and shoplift from a brand she plans to collaborate with later.

Pulling a Girl Interrupted maneuver might not be the best thing, but if all else fails, Charli’s team suggested she run for president. It is election season and the U.S. (even through Charli is British) needs someone they can depend on.

Needless to say, Charli probably knew she’d leave her fans in an uproar after posting this, and if she did, she was right. Interestingly enough, they had plenty of thoughts and suggestions about her marketing tactics.

The “Winona moment” was a must.

They even wanted her to consider creating beef between a certain rapper, does Charli know Nicki Minaj?

One fan thinks Charli crashing their wedding would be perfect marketing.

Other fans just want to be on the marketing team.

Only time will whether she goes through with any of these suggestions. But sharing the list of suggestions was already a great publicity stunt on its own.

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