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Demi Lovato reveals ‘Cool for the Summer’ is about a famous woman

Don’t tell your mother (or Howard Stern).

In a new interview with the controversial radio host, Demi Lovato revealed that their sensual bicurious anthem “Cool for the Summer” was inspired by a very real rendezvous… with another famous woman. 👀

“People are going to wonder now,” Lovato laughed, adding that this mysterious celeb likely doesn’t know that the top-20 hit is about her. “I’m in a relationship now and I feel like [telling her] would be inappropriate … I missed the moment, I should’ve said it back then.”

The 2015 bop, which appeared on her fifth album Confident, was especially newsworthy upon its release as Lovato hadn’t come out yet. “I just grew up in a Christian home and was kind of traumatized in that area,” she explained. “When I came out, my dad was like, ‘Yeah, you have a song called ‘Cool for the Summer.'”

Now that Lovato is rerecording rock versions of their biggest hits for upcoming project Revamped (dropping September 15), the ex-Disney starlet (who identifies as pansexual), is able to own the track in a whole new way.

And following her revelation on The Howard Stern Show, the internet certainly had some ideas about its alleged inspiration.

We may never know who shared Lovato’s “taste for the cherry” during that one steamy summer. And it’s important to remember that until Demi or another celeb addresses the situation, all the speculation is heresay.

Although Taylor Swift‘s lyric-specific dance moves during Demi’s VMAs performance this week were a total mood.

That being said, we’ve got to give props to former Disney stars like Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Bella Thorne, and Raven-Symoné whose openness have inspired fans to live their own authentic truths.

In a recent TikTok interview, Cyrus pulled up a 2009 pic of her, Swift, Lovato, and Emily Osment walking to the Cheesecake Factory after a red carpet event. “If you guys didn’t know I was bisexual from this damn picture, I don’t know what’s wrong with you,” she quipped. “I mean, hello, look at them!” (Where was our invite?)

At least we’ve now got “Cool for the Summer (Rock Version)” to soundtrack our own sexy summer fantasies.

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