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Doja Cat Raps About Crimes of Passion in SZA’s ‘Kill Bill’ Remix

SZA’s “Kill Bill” was already a force on its own. Now she’s back with a vengeance and she brought Doja Cat along for a killer remix of her hit song from her latest album, S.O.S.

The “Kill Bill” remix shines a light on Doja Cat’s rap ability, where she tells a story of a home invasion gone wrong. Doja Cat raps about seeing her old love with a new flame in their home, infuriating her and driving her to attempt to shoot him – only to shoot her ex’s new boo. 

On Tuesday, Doja Cat took to Instagram where she had removed all of her previous posts, save a photo of an ocean with the caption, “4”. The next day, she posted a photo of a grassy hills covered in fog without a caption. Finally, Doja Cat posted a collection of posts with the final post containing a picture of a similar grassy landscape with the caption, “Kill Bill remix out now. Thank you SZA“, indicating that these cryptic photos were all a part of the song’s promo. 

The remix comes after SZA announced that she was expanding her S.O.S. tour with additional dates in Europe and North America. The original run included current R&B/alternative heartthrob Omar Apollo. The second time around will include rising British pop star RAYE

This also comes after Doja Cat was honored as part of this year’s Time 100: Most Influential People List. Additionally, this comes after Doja Cat seemingly responded to online criticism and doubts around her rap ability. The “Streets” rapper stated in a tweet, “I also agree with everyone who said the majority of my rap verses are mid and corny. I know they are. I wasn’t trying to prove anything I just enjoy making music, but I’m getting tired of hearing y’all say that I can’t so I will.” With her rapping on this remix, she seems to be holding true to her promise. 

Now that Doja Cat’s upcoming album Hellmouth is on the horizon and SZA is still dominating the charts with S.O.S., fans are about to lose it. Hopefully they won’t take it out on their exes in the process. 

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