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Ice Spice pregnancy rumors spark online uproar, forcing her to respond

The internet wouldn’t stop talking about Ice Spice‘s body. So she had some choice words to say.

Ice Spice, Gen Z’s latest rap sensation is having the time of her life. Not many can say they’ve snagged multiple hits, Grammy nominations, and a tour with two of rap’s biggest names (Doja Cat and Doechii) all without a debut album under their belt, but Ice Spice can.

Did we mention her Dunkin Donuts influence? Real Munchkins, her devoted fanbase, know.

So with 2024 in full effect and the Grammy Awards around the corner, Ice Spice is taking some well-deserved rest and relaxation and she posted on social media all about it. Of course, she had to play a snippet of her song with the infamous “think you the sh*t, b*tch? You not even the fart” line.

But one photo amongst the rest of her images sparked online furor.

In one photo, Ice Spice is standing inside a room with fuzzy red slippers, grey shorts, and a matching partly meshed cropped top showing off her stomach. And while Ice Spice raps about “showing her panty” at the deli, the internet was more fixated on her showing her stomach, leading to pregnancy rumors.

Our bodies are constantly changing, whether temporarily over the course of the day due to eating or bloating or over time on a more permanent basis. And guess what? That’s fabulous!

However, that doesn’t give anyone the right to comment on them. Not to mention, any subtle change around a woman’s waistline erroneously prompts pregnancy comments.

But Ice Spice fans weren’t having it.

While everyone debated her body, Ice Spice chimed in to shut down the drama with a simple message: “nobody pregnant n***** just phat.”

Ice Spice shouldn’t doesn’t owe an explanation about her appearance to anyone, but the commentary around her body reminds us all that this line of thinking is harmful, unnecessary, and antiquated.

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