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Lil Nas X’s next step in his Christian era: exposing the music industry

Lil Nas X finally announced new music and he’s going deeper into his Christian era.

On Monday, the “Montero” singer dropped the cover art and title for his new song “J CHRIST” and is starting off his 2024 with a bang. After a relatively quiet 2023, Lil Nas X is resurrecting his status as a bop star and is leaning more into Christian iconography for his new era.

His latest social media post highlights his single’s cover art, taking inspiration from the story of Jesus Christ himself. The post shows Lil Nas X on a crucifix being raised by several others and a second video shows the 24-year-old on another cross that transforms into a suit of golden armor.

Points for creativity.

Lil Nas X’s imagination never ceases to shock his fans when it comes to music rollouts and this one is no different. He teased new music last November with a video of him lip syncing to a song in the middle of the street that jumpstarted his Christian era.

On January 4, 2024, he announced that his new single was coming out soon with the use of pic that showed a cartoon image of him performing the sign of the cross. And on January 6, he released a TikTok stating that his label “gave me the choice of going independent to release my gospel music or staying with them.”


releasing my first gospel song next week imdependently ⛪️🤍

♬ original sound – m

But then the rapper released several more TikToks stating that he had been “blackballed” from releasing music for 1 1/2 years and that he was going to “expose y’all favorite artists.” Who those artists, we’re not sure, but his last video showed him with police with the caption “me staying with the police department 24/7 for the next 5 days before i expose the music industry for what they did to me. Evil will not stop what god has planned.”

Now, this latest announcement brings Lil Nas X fans closer to the “truth” that he’s talking about and the new music they crave from the social media savvy entertainer.

This isn’t Lil Nas X’s first foray into using Christian iconography in music. His song “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” featured several biblically-inspired scenes, including the Garden of Eden, the trial of Jesus before Pontius Pilate, as well as taking a stripper pole to leave heaven for hell.

Not to mention he gave the devil a lap dance.

Needless to say, his use of Christian themes continues to evolve, but fans will get to see what that really looks like when his new song, “J CHRIST,” launches on January 12.

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