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New Melissa Etheridge, Brooke Candy, and More on This Week’s Queer Music Mixtape

Welcome back to INTO’s Queer Music Mixtape, your #1 hub for all things new LGBTQ+ music. Here, we’re covering the hottest releases of the week in one handy guide.

It’s another great week to be obsessed with queer artists. Whether you’re still riding for classic community icons or always on the look out for new up-and-comers, this list has you covered. From a folk-rocking Juliet to a life-sized Bratz doll, we’ve got a little something for every taste.

We’ve included Instagram links in each byline, streaming links below for your convenience, and a full Queer Music Mixtape playlist from our Spotify page to keep you rocking out for hours to come!

Crank the volume on this week’s Queer Music Mixtape:

“Juliet” by Melissa Etheridge

Lesbian rock icon Melissa Etheridge is bringing her biographical musical Melissa Etheridge: My Window to Broadway in late September and the hype has already begun. This week, the singer offered the first taste of the show’s original music to fans who didn’t get to catch its off-Broadway engagement late last year. This song serves as a rocking reminder of something none of us could forget; this Juliet, “dressed in her jacket and jeans”, has no need for any Romeo.

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“fmuatw” by Brooke Candy

In “fmuatw” (or F*ck Me Up Against the Wall), Brooke Candy only wants one thing — and she wants to do it hard. This spiritual successor to her 2019 Rico Nasty collab “FMU” is every bit as perfectly, impossibly horny as a great Brooke Candy track knows how to be. As she told V Magazine, “It’s a song for all the horny divas. It’s a confident anthem for when you know exactly what you want!”

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“BRAT” by Chrissy Chlapecka

The Barbie renaissance has reached its momentous peak, and popstar Chrissy Chlapecka is already prepared for the next chapter. In “BRAT”, she enlists the help of life-sized dolls and Drag Race season 15 sweethearts Sugar and Spice for a full-scale Bratz makeover. The result is yet another pulse-pounding hot girl hit from Chrissy that has dommes everywhere updating their playlists.

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“White Lie” by Addison Grace

With this lead single of his upcoming debut album Diving Lessons, Addison Grace tells-off to a fibbing fake who almost had his heart. The Cavetown-produced track is fiery, intimate, and just a touch of wistful — the perfect combination for a lost romance that one is better off without.

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That Girl by SpaceAcre

SpaceAcre’s That Girl EP has officially landed, with its ten-month rollout being brought to a close with this new hauntingly beautiful track, “Say”. Somber strumming gives way to full, lustrous bursts of emotion in this rumination on loss and grief. “Our memories retain the essence of who someone was and what they mean to us, while the details can ebb away,” the band explains. “The song, like grief, is a yearning to reach that person or somehow be able to follow them.”

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“Sm0k3” by YawnyBlew & amir. feat. COLDPRESSEDPAPI

Brooklyn rapper duo YawnyBlew and amir. gave us a hit of their new stuff last month with questioning bop “Curious?” and they’re already back for more with this smoky sensation. This time, they’ve brought in fellow creative COLDPRESSEDPAPI to help light it up and set it off. With a beat like this, maybe we DO want that smoke.

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Stream COLDPRESSEDPAPI on Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube

“Lungs” by FIIZ

Brooklyn pop duo FIIZ, made up of best friends Fiona (FI) and Isabelle (IZ), are feeling the full sapphic fantasy on “Lungs”. This electric track captures the breathless rush of the first time with another woman. “This song is about discovering new feelings, the fluidity of sexuality, the beauty of ecstasy,” the band writes. “Welcome to the first installation of another world coming.”

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“Elevation” by Gia Woods

Persian-American pop princess Gia Woods is reaching her own higher power on “Elevation”. This disco-drenched bop finds euphoria in embracing the new. Gia writes of the track’s inspiration, “You get infatuated with this new layer of yourself that you’re discovering, changing, or learning, and it opens up a new side of you…we all have those moments that elevate us.” You know what that is? Growth.

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“Homesick Honeybee” by Becca Mancari

Less than a month out from their upcoming album Left Hand, nonbinary indie folk favorite Becca Mancari is keeping fans fed with this bittersweet offering. They open the track with a voicemail from their grandfather, the first member of their family to fully accept their queerness. Now, this homesick honeybee is trying to find their way back.

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“No One Has To Know” by AlexZone

Viral producer AlexZone (“Where You At” with Ayesha Erotica is triple platinum in this household) has the sexy Y2Kcore bop you didn’t know you needed this week. The bass is booming, the heat is on, and the non-monogamy is less than ethical. Like Alex says, “What’s the point of taking it slow?”

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“Did You Lose Your Heart” by Morgan Saint

“Did You Lose Your Heart” marks Morgan Saint’s first release since her 2020 HELP EP, and what a way to return. Morgan says of the track, “This song encompasses both sides of me — half melancholy, half high in the clouds with the sun in my face. Equally puzzled and in awe of the universe and my place in it.” Directed by both the singer and her wife, the video captures a mix of emotion in monochrome — the silly, the sentimental, and the heartbreaking.

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“doitttt” by awfultune

Trans bedroom pop fave awfultune is exploring her lighter side on “doitttt”, a bubbly, groovy departure from the sentimental yearning that made tracks like “I Met Sarah in the Bathroom” and “Lvr Boy” take off. She mixes the confessional and the cheekily self-referential on lines like “I’m halfway through this song, it’s alright/ I’m having a good time” to make what she calls ” one of the silliest songs I’ve ever made.”

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