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New Orla Gartland, Yungblud, and More on This Week’s Queer Music Mixtape

Welcome back to INTO’s Queer Music Mixtape, your #1 hub for all things new LGBTQ+ music. Here, we’re covering the hottest releases of the week in one handy guide.

This week, the indie pop girls ran amok and we’re all the better for it. Gay floorfillers like Bentley Robles and Michael Medrano have brought us jams to keep us sweating out our worries, while sapphic songwriters like Cassidy King and Orla Gartland keep us firmly in our feelings (honorific, of course).

We’ve included Instagram links in each byline, streaming links below for your convenience, and a full Queer Music Mixtape playlist from our Spotify page to keep you rocking out for hours to come!

Escape into the sounds of this week’s Queer Music Mixtape:

“Kiss Ur Face Forever” by Orla Gartland

The sugary sweet romance of Heartstopper has finally returned for its second season, and with it comes a banging new soundtrack. Amongst queer acts like Cavetown, Tegan and Sara, beabadoobee, and Christine and the Queens — as well as a last minute Taylor Swift needledrop — is this brand new Orla Gartland track perfectly fit for a season full of kisses.

Stream Orla Gartland on Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube

“Lowlife” by YUNGBLUD

In the music video for Yungblud’s latest, Dom reconnects with his inner child and lets him wreak a little havoc. It’s very pre-teen edgy, down to the “la la la”s and a line about being a “petulant baby” (topped off with a “wah, wah, wah” adlib from his younger self). Giving your inner child permission to finally act up is a tenant of the queer adult experience, and it sounds like Dom’s having his own kind of fun doing it.

Stream YUNGBLUD on Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube

“Too C*nt” by Adrian Xpression

Where’s that video of Azealia saying “How can you not say c*nt? Like, that’s c*nt!” when you need it? ATL baddie Adrian Xpression just gave us a banging three-track collection celebrating butch queens and booty shorts a few months ago, and he’s already decided to put his heels right back on our necks with this absolute heat.

Stream Adrian Xpression on Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube

“Air U Breathe” by HYRA & Michael Medrano

Rising pop girl HYRA has teamed up with “Disco Sleaze” singer Michael Medrano to bring us a true bit of pop perfection and we’re all struggling to catch our breath. As the former gears up for album mode with yet another club-ready banger, the latter is entering his post-LoveSexDrugs era with it, and the future sounds bright for both.

Stream HYRA on Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube

Stream Michael Medrano on Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube

“As Good As It Gets” by FIZZ

We’ve got a double dose of new Orla Gartland this week, as her supergroup with Dodie, Martin Luke Brown, and Greta Isaac releases yet another whimsical, high-flying track and continues to build excitement for their debut record The Secret To Life due out next month.

Stream FIZZ on Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube

“Side Effects” by Bentley Robles

Hot off the heels of post-breakup banger “Hope U Cry”, Bentley Robles is keeping his heartbreak highly danceable with “Side Effects”. The “In every guy I meet, I can see your face” sentiment is so “I Could Cry Just Thinking About You“-coded, but with production (and Bentley’s irresistible voice) that makes you want to shake your hips through the pain.

Stream Bentley Robles on Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube

“APOLLO” by Julianna Joy

“Cherry Bomb” singer Julianna Joy incorporates a mix of different pop eras and genres into this fun, eclectic track complete with a group chanting section that’s already perfectly concert-ready. Apollo, god of music and queer Greek pantheon fave, surely approves of this jam.

Stream Julianna Joy on Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube

“Someday I’ll Go Surfing” by Diners

This final single from Diners’ upcoming album DOMINO joins her previous two releases (“The Power” and the album’s title track) in defining a new, upbeat, classic rock & roll feel for the artist. “Someday I’ll Go Surfing” uses familiar surf rock to romanticize the mundane and turn the LA-based singer’s yearning for the coast into a full-out fantasy complete with hazy sunset visuals and a mermaid tail.

Stream Diners on Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube

“m.w.u” by Matty Marz

“m.w.u” (a.k.a “Moment With You”) is an energetic entry from up-and-comer Matty Marz composed of angel wings, self-discovery, and vibes. While the track flows effortlessly from the first fluid notes, the rapid hyperpop-packed outro carries this moment to another level. The singer explains, “My major goal for this project in its entirety was to create a soundscape that embodies euphoria, in gender, expression & movement.” Three missions accomplished!

Stream Matty Marz on Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube

“Bad News” by Cassidy King

While this track might be coming a couple months too late to get the treatment it truly deserves (i.e. soundtracking a hot scene on an episode of The Ultimatum: Queer Love), it’s still bound to leave the sapphics feelings satisfied. “Bad News” captures the unfortunately common experience of an unavailable girl-with-a-boyfriend crush, but makes that relatable turmoil shine.

Stream Cassidy King on Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube

“Take You Dancing” by Florio

This breezy summer bop finds dreamy pop producer Florio yearning to move with his special someone. Whether it’s out amongst the nightlife or just in the glow of the refrigerator light, he’s ready to get closer. Between his own production and co-writing from MUNA-inspired Nashville singer Cielo, this jam is polished and ready for primetime.

Stream Florio on Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube

“Lonely Tonight” by Jobi Riccio

The Whiplash rollout continues with “Lonely Tonight”, a cool, refreshing country ballad for the lonesome ones amongst us. Riccio continues to show off their range, from the sass-filled “Sweet” and the introspectively poetic “Whiplash” to this melancholy, heartfelt tune.

Stream Jobi Riccio on Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube

Autophagia by Kisos

Autophagia shows up-and-coming singer Kisos experimenting with their own sound and finding his truest self. While much of the EP features coded, layered vocals and pulsing beats, “the hole you left” is a uniquely stripped down ballad with refreshing heart and well-used R&B influences that adds a new dimension of promise to her discography.

Stream Kisos on Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube

Take yourself out dancing this week and join us back here next weekend for another Queer Music Mixtape!

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