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New Promo Pic From Dance Act The Chainsmokers Prompts “Queerbaiting” Accusations

· Updated on September 7, 2023

EDM DJ-production duo The Chainsmokers are no strangers to controversy. A promo pic they shared online yesterday has raised eyebrows and also prompted questions about queerbaiting.

Here’s the pic.

And here’s an example of the reaction.

Others suggested it was… well, a hot image.

On their own social media, The Chainsmokers added some much-needed context. They suggested they shot the image as artwork for their next single, “Summertime Friends”, but then changed their mind. They made clear they were recreating a recent photo of Justin and Hailey Beiber.

Some of their fans thought the image hilarious. Others were not impressed.

The Chainsmokers are Alexander “Alex” Pall and Andrew “Drew” Taggart. After making a name as remixers, they scored success with their first original work, “#Selfie”, in 2014.

They’re best known for their hits “Roses” (with Rozes), “Don’t Let Me Down” (with Daya), and “Closer” (with Halsey).

Earlier this year they made headlines when they revealed on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast that they’d had threesomes whilst out on the road.

They said it dated back to the early days of their career when they still shared hotel rooms whilst touring around Europe.

DJ Alex Pall said the first such encounter was “never planned” and was “weird.”

“I think we were like, ’What the fuck just happened?’” Pall told host Alex Cooper.

Bandmate Taggart elaborated further, saying, “It was also the days when we used to have to share hotel rooms,” Taggart said. “In Europe, they have two beds — they don’t even split them apart. So it’s almost by force that we were forced into these scenarios.”

They said they never “hooked up with a diehard fan” — or at least “no one wearing merch or anything.” They also said it had been a “long time” since it last happened.

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