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New Troye Sivan, PVRIS, and More on This Week’s Queer Music Mixtape

Welcome back to INTO’s Queer Music Mixtape, your #1 hub for all things new LGBTQ+ music. Here, we’re covering the hottest releases of the week in one handy guide.

This week, it seems that Kylie and her Padams have been unofficially dethroned in the popular gay musical consciousness by an ex-YouTuber with nothing but head cleaner and a dream. While Troye is heating up the scene, some of our other fave queer artists have come with new releases to keep us cool all summer long.

We’ve included Instagram links in each byline, streaming links below for your convenience, and a full Queer Music Mixtape playlist from our Spotify page to keep you rocking out for hours to come!

Get mixed up in this week’s Queer Music Mixtape:

“Rush” by Troye Sivan

Could we kick this week’s mixtape off any other way? Twink rights are back in action with the “#BopsBoutBottoming” king’s latest poppers-fueled single. While his 2020 In A Dream EP remains one of the best gay divorce albums in years (sans actual divorce, but whatever), his upcoming LP Something to Give Each Other is sure to have the chaotic, horny energy that he’s been building up to throughout his music career. Well, maybe not the whole career — “The Fault in Our Stars” wasn’t exactly a libido anthem — but definitely the Troye who appeared on Drag Race Down Under.

Stream Troye Sivan on Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube


This latest, more experimental album finds electronic project PVRIS under the sole direction of Lynn Gunn, its once and future king. With a new label, a new singular line-up, and a sonic rebirth following vocal issues in past years, Gunn has led PVRIS to one of its most exploratory and intriguing works to date. The record volleys between the animalistic and severe to the self-assured and even sentimental, making for a compelling mix of passions.

Stream PVRIS on Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube

“Broke A Sweat” by Billy Porter

The patron of Pose continues the rollout of his Black Mona Lisa era with a fresh, empowering dance track ready for the weekend. Along with previous singles “Fashion” and “Baby Was A Dancer”, Porter is proving once again why dance is a genre perfected by Black and queer people. Even with as many fun tracks as he’s dropping back-to-back, according to him, he “hasn’t even started”.

Stream Billy Porter on Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube

“Talk Too Much” by Reneé Rapp

In the midst of departing The Sex Lives of College Girls (and having already wrapped Mean Girls: The Musical), Ms. Rapp is full steam ahead in her musician bag. While lead single “Snow Angel” sits amongst soaring sadgirl contemporaries like “Happier Than Ever” and “Vampire”, “Talk Too Much” is a self-effacing and painfully relatable jam on the ramblings of insecurity. The monologuing portion of this track feels ripped from my notes app, actually. Brava!

Stream Reneé Rapp on Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube

“if i blame myself” by Miki Ratsula

Enby songwriter Miki Ratsula has clocked in to make International Non-Binary People’s Day one emotional song richer. “if i blame myself” is a soft sung track “about cutting ties with an abuser and freeing yourself of the blame they twisted you into believing”, just as introspective and confessional as fans can rely on Ratsula to be.

Stream Miki Ratsula on Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube

“I’m Yours” by David Archuleta

As a good wholesome boy, this “if you want it, come and get it” track and its very lightly hip-thrusty video may be as close to a “Rush” moment as Archuleta is getting any time soon. And that’s okay! “I’m Yours” is something cute for the summertime for the less gloryhole-prone gays to bob their heads along to. It’s colorful, it’s fun, and it’s the epitome of “looking respectfully” behavior.

Stream David Archuleta on Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube

“HBIC” by Sabby Sousa

Hot Barbie Summer rolls on! While we wait for the film’s release next week, we’re once again being treated to an indie pop bop perfectly crafted for the extended soundtrack. Between a “Barbie Girl” sample (arguably used better than the official soundtrack’s own) and lines like “I’m the head Barbie in charge/ Pullin’ up, convertible, pink car”, Sabby is in full plastic fantastic fantasy. Couple this with tracks like recent Chrissy Chlapecka and Chase Icon drops for a perfect secret menu Barbie playlist.

Stream Sabby Sousa on Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube

“July” by Eddie the Kidd

Eddie the Kidd follows up on his previous sun-soaked single “West Coast” with “July”, a vibey, surf rock-influenced reminiscence of summer love. “‘July’ goes out to those whose days in the sun didn’t last forever but held on tight anyway, with hopes that those memories would keep them warm through the winter,” the singer writes. “The seasons change and so do we.”

Stream Eddie the Kidd on Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube

“Big League Chew” by Mel 4Ever feat. Linux & BABYNYMPH

This joint slay of trans techno sees NY dolls Mel 4Ever and Linux teaming up with BABYNYMPH for a track they’re calling “Bang Bang (Doll’s Version)” and “Click 3.0 (No Boys Transmix)”. It has an origin story almost as fun and raunchy as it is itself, with the titular gum being evoked by the sight of some private bits hanging out of Mel’s shorts. “This song is meant to make all us trans girls feel seen and celebrate the parts of our body that we may not always feel happy about,” Mel shares. “But ultimately, it’s a song meant for fun.”

Stream Mel 4Ever on Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube

Stream Linux on Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube

Stream BABYNYMPH on Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube

whatever works by a kid named rufus

Malaysian singer-songwriter a kid named rufus lays themself bare on whatever works, a meditation on college life, queerness, and chasing life in the U.S. Songs like “the cute girl from brewster hall” and “i hate being cool” offer an accessible look into the all-too-relatable experiences of this young singer.

Stream a kid named rufus on Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube

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