Why Did Troye Sivan’s Miami Show Get Shut Down?

Troye Sivan’s latest performance in Miami gives new meaning to the term “show-stopping.” The entire concert was abruptly shut down mid-performance due to—of all things—a noise complaint. Anyone who’s ever thought they had the world’s most busybody neighbor has some reassessing to do.

The concert was part of Architectural Digest’s yearly AD100 event, which commemorates the premier artists of the interior design world during Art Basel week in Miami. Sivan’s performance was being live-streamed on TikTok, and though it is no longer available, some viewers managed to grab screen recordings.

In one recording, the music abruptly cuts out during Sivan’s latest single “Angel Baby.” Clearly confused, Sivan says to the audience, “OK, I guess that’s the end. I’m sorry, we’re getting kicked out.”

He looks around the stage in vain for answers and adds, “I don’t really know what’s going on but… should I leave?”

With no other option, he ends the show, saying, “Thank you everyone. And if you’re watching on TikTok, I don’t know what the fuck’s going on, sorry!”

Afterwards, Sivan tried to elaborate on the situation through Twitter. “Okay so basically i played 5 songs tn and Angel baby was the LAST ONEEEE and the only one being streamed live on tiktok,” he said. “But then turns out throughout the show we got a noise complaint and the city literally came and shut down our speakers during Angel Baby.”

With no explanation or apology forthcoming from the city, Sivan empathized with the disappointment amongst his fans, “I’m sorry to anyone who woke up at a weird time to watch the stream :/// i feel fine about it and had fun until then lol but I’m sorry if it was a mess to watch from home.”

There’s been no word yet on the details of the noise complaint or why Sivan’s show was singled out over the many other events going on all week. But if you missed out on Troye in person, you can catch him on screen as a star in The Weeknd’s upcoming HBO series The Idol.

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