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Why would Lil Nas X go to America’s most anti-gay Bible college?

Looks like Lil Nas X is going back to college and he’s going to study the Bible.

Lil Nas X is steadily promoting his Christian era. From calling on angels in a teaser for an unreleased track to revealing himself on a crucifix in cover art for his upcoming single “J CHRIST,” Lil Nas X’s Christian comeback is almost here.

But before the new music arrives, the “Montero” rapper had another revelation to announcement. On Wednesday, the 24-year-old rapper shared his college acceptance with the world on X.

Lil Nas X posted his acceptance letter with the caption “I know twitter hates me right now but i want yall to know im literally about to go to college for biblical studies in the fall. Not everything is a troll! Anyways IM A STUDENT AGAIN! LETS GOOO.”

Of course, eyebrows were raised as the acceptance letter is to Liberty University to study a dual concentration in Christian Leadership and Biblical Studies. The private evangelical Christian university is notorious for its anti-LGBTQ+ sentiment and policies and with that public knowledge, Lil Nas X could be trolling fans with the acceptance letter.

Not to mention, the former president of Liberty University, Jerry Falwell, who signed Lil Nas X’s letter has been dead since 2007 (something the note on X states). So, his signature probably wouldn’t end up on an acceptance letter from Liberty University, but rather Dondi E. Costin’s, the current president of the university.

Now, Lil Nas X is known for trolling the masses and this announcement seems like another social media savvy move to stir the pot, while promoting his new music. Still, fans couldn’t care less about the validity of the post, but rather showered Lil Nas X with support.

Lil Nas X is sure to garner more support now that he released the teaser to the video of his single “J CHRIST.” Featuring doppelgängers of Barack Obama, Kanye West, Taylor Swift, and Oprah taking, what looks like, a staircase to heaven, the “J CHRIST” music video may be the visual needed to resurrect camp in rap music.

We’ll all find out when the “J CHRIST” music video premieres on January 12.

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