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Baseball Player Solomon Bates Wants to “Open Doors for Gay Athletes” in Coming Out Post

Acknowledging your truth to the world takes plenty of reflection and courage. Solomon Bates did just that this week when he came out as gay via social media.

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The Minor League baseball pitcher announced his coming out in the midst of being let go from his team, the Richmond Flying Squirrels – a team within the San Francisco Giants system. “Being gay in this sport you don’t know what comes at you! I thank the giants for giving me the opportunity to be myself and go out there and play the game that I love the most”, stated Bates via Instagram.

The 25-year-old played within the Giants system for years, since his recruitment to the team from University Of Southern California in 2018 as an eighth-round pick. Bates is also the second minor league player to come out as gay, with David Denson doing so seven years prior. 

And while he’s a free agent, his hopes are high. “I’m still in shock on what just happened. But I’m not giving up on what I want to do. I’m still going to open up doors for gay athletes like me. Still will strive to be one of the greatest to do it”, said Bates in his Instagram post. 

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A post shared by Solomon Bates (@solomonbates)

LGBTQ athletes have always existed, even within the world of professional sports. However, homophobia and transphobia run wild within numerous sports – baseball included. And while more athletes will come out and increase their visibility for other queer and trans athletes, we also hope that sporting associations will make more strides towards supporting LGBTQ athletes. 

But more LGBTQ athletes and allies will continue to advocate for progress. And players like Bates will continue to push forward within the sports they love. “I love all the new friends that I’ve made. I’m not going to cry”, said Bates. “I’m going to keep pushing”.

With this attitude, we have no doubt that he’ll have another baseball breakthrough. 

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