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Right-wingers are howling over a Netflix kids show with gay dads and a boy in a tutu

Netflix show CoComelon Lane has whipped the anti-woke mob into a frenzy with a recent episode.

For those unfamiliar, CoComelon Lane is aimed at the under-fives. CoComelon began life on YouTube in the mid-00s. It has since been developed for Netflix and other streamers around the world. It features nursery rhymes and educational songs. The YouTube channel is hugely popular, with over 169 million subscribers.

In short, although you may not have heard of it, it’s a massive show for toddlers and parents.

A November episode (episode 8 of Season 1) on Netflix, entitled, Nina’s Three-Legged Race / Say Cheese Nico / Nina Shares a Treat, featured a boy named Nico. He was having trouble deciding what to wear for his family photo. He has two gay dads.

They sing a song encouraging him to be himself, advising: “Something that we know about you, you love to get up and dance.”

Nico then puts on a tutu and dances, as his dads sing, “If you’re not sure what to choose, think about all the things you like to do. Just be you.”

Sweet, right?

Apparently not for some parents viewing. This week the segment went viral on X.

“Gender garbage”

Right-wing podcaster Ben Shapiro wrote, “Stop letting Hollywood indoctrinate your kids in gender garbage.”

Fellow rightwing, anti-trans podcaster Matt Walsh said, “Netflix needs the full Bud Light treatment for this.”

Negative reviews for the show began to flood Google.

“Unfortunately we will not be watching Cocomelon Lane,” wrote one parent. “My two year old loves this show and I even got excited when I saw the new version. But when I saw the two dads and boys wearing girls clothing I immediately stop playing it for my toddler. Kids don’t need to be exposed to this.”

Of course, many others online welcomed CoComelon’s inclusiveness.

Neither CoComelon nor Netflix have issued a response to the conservative meltdown over this particular episode.

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