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‘Hazbin Hotel’ is open for business in new trailer

The Hazbin Hotel is officially open for business. So let the devilish antics ensue.

What was once a popular web series is officially a new show ready to take fans to the fiery underworld for an extended stay. On Wednesday, Prime Video dropped the first trailer to its upcoming animated series Hazbin Hotel and it looks like a “helluva” good time. 

The series follows the princess of Hell, Charlie (Erika Henningsen), as she takes on the daunting task of rehabilitating her kingdom’s demons. Unfortunately, her first test subject, adult-film star Angel Dust (Blake Roman), is going to give her a run for her money. 

Thankfully, she has her devoted partner Vaggie (Stephanie Beatriz) to assist her. Not to mention, she also has the help of a mysterious entity known as the “Radio Demon (Amir Talai),” who may not have her best interest at heart, but is willing to turn her crazy dream into reality. 

When most of hell mocks her goal, Charlie will need all of the help she can get to check demons out of Hell and into Heaven. Otherwise, her and her crew face another year of demon exterminations by angels. 

Created by YouTube sensation Vivienne Medrano, the new series shocked the masses in 2019 with its blend of adult humor, hilarious characters, and catchy Broadway-esque musical numbers. Now, with the production help of A24 and FOX Entertainment’s animation studio Bento Box Entertainment, Hazbin Hotel will make its way to TVs everywhere early next year. 

Along with Henningsen, Beatriz, and Roman, Alex Brightman, Keith David, Kimiko Glenn, Blake Roman, Amir Talai, Christian Borle, and Joel Perez lend their voice talents. The YouTube pilot of the upcoming series garnered 92 millions views and with the new trailer, it seems the fans of the web series and newcomers can’t wait until Hazbin Hotel premieres.

Check out the full trailer below ahead of Hazbin Hotel’s premiere on January 19. 

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