Gay Ghosts Galore

Kristen Stewart just created a gay ‘Scooby-Doo’ series

If Halloween is Gay Christmas, Kristen Stewart is our Santa Claus. The iconic queer actress is bringing us an all-gay, all-fabulous ghost hunting show just in time for our favorite holiday.

Living for the Dead is essentially a paranormal version of Queer Eye. Five fierce paranormal investigators will visit haunted locations across the Midwest, each with their own specialty, busting ghosts, and delivering heart and humor along the way.

Stewart serves as executive producer for the Hulu series, as well as its narrator. She worked with Rob Eric and Renata Lombardo of Scout Productions, the company behind Queer Eye, to bring her vision for the show to life — because, yes, Living for the Dead started as Stewart’s idea.

“We always joked from day one that this is gay Scooby-Doo,” said Eric in an interview with The Daily Beast.

So, who are the queer investigators in this version of Mystery Incorporated? There’s Juju Bae, resident witch; Alex LeMay, tech expert; Roz Hernandez, paranormal researcher (and the team’s skeptic); Logan Taylor, psychic; and Ken Boggle, tarot card reader. 

“We had to find talent that could walk both lines,” said Lombardo of bringing the gang together. “One is being sort of serious about the craft and what they brought to the table. And the other one is that we have to have fun with this, because it’s gay camp that we didn’t want to lose in the process. Because they are gay ghost hunters, and [that’s] what makes this show distinctly different tonally from other ghost hunting shows as well.”

That unique tone is on full display in the series’ trailer, which shows how paranormal investigating and the signature heart of Queer Eye can go hand in hand.

“We’ve seen a million paranormal shows and for us it always seems like they go in and they sort of irritate the spirit in order to try to do something. We’re like, well, we should actually try to communicate a little bit more, like we do on Queer Eye,” explained Rob Eric. “There’s more interaction, there’s more character, and there’s more of a companionship between the characters — whether the character is a ghost or the person that’s trying to get rid of the ghost.”

All episodes of Living for the Dead premiere on October 18 on Hulu.

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