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15 LGBTQ+ TV shows you should binge-watch ASAP

Representation in media is crucial for marginalized communities, as it allows individuals to feel seen, heard, and validated. LGBTQ+ TV shows and shows that feature LGBTQ+ characters have made significant strides in improving queer representation in recent years.

This is great news for younger audiences who are looking for relatable stories on their screens. To continue meeting Gen Z’s expectations, TV networks and streaming platforms need to prioritize creating and showcasing more authentic LGBTQ+ characters, experiences, and narratives.

Check out these TV shows that feature powerful LGBTQ+ representation:


“Euphoria” is the ultimate blend of drama and realism, depicting the LGBTQ+ community in a way that is both honest and relatable. With a history of heart-wrenching shows, HBO delivers once again with “Euphoria,” a series that pulls no punches when it comes to the struggles of LGBTQ+ characters.

“Euphoria” covers everything from bullying and homophobia to sexual exploration and risky behavior, making it a must-watch series for anyone looking to dive into the LGBTQ+ experience. And while it may be a heavy series, “Euphoria” is worth the emotional rollercoaster ride.


Looking for a Spanish series that’s a mix of “Euphoria” and a sexy soap opera? Look no further than “Élite.” This show follows three teens from humble backgrounds who enroll in a private school filled with wealthy, amoral students.

It’s got all the drama and eye candy you crave, plus it goes beyond traditional LGBTQ+ representation with a fair portrayal of polyamory. If you’re looking for a guilty pleasure binge, “Élite” is a perfect choice.

The L Word: Generation Q

When “The L Word” hit our screens back in 2004, it was a total game-changer. Showtime took a huge leap forward with this groundbreaking series, which was dubbed the “Tales of the City” of its time.

Now, with “Generation Q,” we get to see the stunning Jennifer Beals back in action as an art gallery director and LGBTQ+ advocate in sunny Southern California. The younger cast members are fully aware of the progress made by previous generations of LGBTQ+ activists, which adds an exciting layer to the show.

If you’re a fan of “The L Word,” you’ll love “Generation Q.” And if you’re new to the scene, make sure to check out the original series for some seriously edgy content.

The Last of Us

Get ready for some post-apocalyptic action with “The Last of Us,” the sci-fi series based on the hit 2013 video game.

Starring LGBTQ+ icons and allies Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, this show has become one of the hottest LGBTQ+ TV shows to watch since the pandemic hit.

With its realistic portrayal of gay relationships, it’s no wonder fans are excited for the second season, which promises to follow the video game’s sequel and its intense lesbian storyline.

Ramsey’s character explores her tomboy sexuality in a way that will leave you rooting for her all the way. The future looks grim for humanity, but the love that blossoms in this post-apocalyptic world is sure to give you hope.


“Genera+ion” is a dramedy series that follows a diverse group of high school students as they navigate their relationships, sexuality, and identities in a conservative community.

With its young, edgy, and unapologetic characters, the show explores important themes of gender, sexuality, and social justice in a fresh and authentic way.

The series features a talented ensemble cast of young actors, including many LGBTQ+ actors, and has been praised for its representation and inclusivity.

“Genera+ion” is a bold and compelling addition to the growing list of must-watch LGBTQ+ TV shows.

Grace & Frankie

Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston are the ultimate power couple in this hit Netflix series that proves it’s never too late to come out of the closet.

“Grace & Frankie” is an empowering and hilarious exploration of the LGBTQ+ experience, as well as the ups and downs of aging and finding oneself. With legendary actors like Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin in the mix, the show is a masterclass in both comedy and drama.

Whether you’re part of the LGBTQ+ community or just an ally, “Grace & Frankie” is one of the most inclusive and heartwarming TV shows out there.

We’re Here

If you’re a fan of drag queens and looking for an entertaining and heartwarming series, “We’re Here” on HBO Max is a must-watch.

The show follows three former contestants of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” as they travel to small American communities to find residents who want to perform as drag queens.

The queens are honest, compassionate, and real in every situation, providing a masterful blend of hilarity and heart. The show has received a 100% freshness rating on Rotten Tomatoes and has been labeled as important, defiant, and fully representative by critics.

“We’re Here” is an LGBTQ+ TV show that not only provides entertainment but also sheds light on the drag lifestyle and the struggles faced by young people living in conservative towns.


“Pose” is a groundbreaking series that dives into New York’s ballroom culture of the late 1980s and early 1990s.

With an incredibly diverse cast of LGBTQ+ actors and characters, this show brings together different communities in a celebration of fashion, dance, and acceptance.

Featuring stunning costumes and extravagant choreography, “Pose” is a feast for the senses that brings the ballroom scene to life in a way that has never been seen before. The show also touches on tough topics of HIV, transphobia, and racial tension, making it an important watch for all.

Starring trans actors, “Pose” is groundbreaking in its portrayal of the ballroom scene and the LGBTQ+ community in general. If you’re looking for a show that is truly revolutionary and full of heart, then look no further than “Pose!”

Sex Education

“Sex Education” is a hilarious and heartwarming comedy-drama that takes on various issues related to sexuality and gender identity.

With a cast of lovable and relatable characters, this show presents a refreshing and inclusive take on sex education that is both informative and entertaining.

Some of its LGBTQ+ characters get to take center stage, allowing for their stories to be told with honesty and authenticity, and ultimately helping to break down barriers and create a more accepting society.


“Sense8” is a thrilling science fiction drama that follows a group of people from around the world who are connected on a deep emotional and telepathic level.

With a diverse and inclusive cast, including trans characters in prominent roles, this show explores themes of identity, community, and the power of human connection.

With stunning cinematography and epic action sequences, “Sense8” takes viewers on a wild ride across the globe, delivering a message of hope and unity along the way.

Schitt’s Creek

“Schitt’s Creek” is a hilarious sitcom that follows a wealthy family that loses everything and is forced to start over in a small town.

Featuring LGBTQ+ characters in lead roles, this show offers a refreshing and inclusive take on small-town life, tackling issues of acceptance and self-discovery with humor and heart.

With a talented ensemble cast and clever writing, “Schitt’s Creek” has become a fan favorite, delivering laughs and heartwarming moments that will keep you coming back for more.

It’s a Sin

“It’s a Sin” is a powerful British miniseries that explores the lives of a group of friends during the 1980s AIDS crisis in London.

With LGBTQ+ characters in lead roles, this show sheds light on an important and often overlooked period in history, showcasing the struggles and triumphs of those who lived through it.

With incredible performances and a heartbreaking yet hopeful storyline, “It’s a Sin” is a must-watch for anyone seeking a powerful and moving portrayal of LGBTQ+ history.

Orange is the New Black

“Orange Is The New Black” is a cultural phenomenon that premiered on Netflix in 2013. This prison comedy-drama series features a talented ensemble cast and a diverse cast of characters, including many LGBTQ+ characters.

It tackles important issues related to race, gender, and sexuality while keeping the audience entertained with its sharp wit and humor.

The show’s realistic depiction of the struggles faced by LGBTQ+ people in prison has been praised, making it a trailblazer in trans and queer representation.


If you’re looking for an edgy and mind-bending TV series with deep philosophical themes, “Watchmen” is a must-see. Based on the graphic novel by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, this HBO drama explores moral relativism, American exceptionalism, and social unrest in a way that is as relevant now as it was when the novel was first published in the 1980s.

Early in the novel, the lesbian founder of a New York City vigilante group is the victim of a brutal hate crime that also targeted her partner after World War II.

The show also features LGBTQ+ representation, with characters like Hooded Justice, who is revealed to have been a closeted gay man, and Ozymandias, who is presented as androgynous.

“Watchmen” is a complex and fascinating exploration of power, politics, and the human condition that is sure to leave you thinking long after the final episode.

Hap and Leonard

You’ll experience a wild ride with “Hap and Leonard,” a neo-noir series on SundanceTV that defies stereotypes and celebrates LGBTQ+ friendship.

Hap is an aging ladies’ man and pacifist while Leonard is a Black gay Vietnam War veteran with a fiery temper. Together, they face constant bigotry in their small Texas town while working as private investigators, often getting into trouble thanks to their libidos.

This adaptation of Joe R. Lansdale’s colorful novels features the late Michael K. Williams in a standout role as Leonard, a gay man who lives by a code of righteous anger and violence. If you’re looking for LGBTQ+ TV shows that break the mold, “Hap and Leonard” is a must-see.

The future for LGBTQ+ TV shows is bright

We’re in a totally new era of LGBTQ+ TV shows, and the future of queer representation is looking more optimistic each day. With more movies and series pushing for acceptance, understanding, and inclusivity, we’re set to create a way more equal and diverse society.

We’ve seen a lot of great LGBTQ+ shows already, and the list keeps growing.

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