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“We’re Here” Teases Its Grand Return With Season 3 Trailer

Nearly a year after HBOMax renewed the hit drag docuseries We’re Here for a third season, the official trailer has finally arrived! As in past seasons, hosts Bob the Drag Queen, Eureka O’Hara, and Shangela are hitting a variety of small towns across the US. “The question is: where are the gays hiding?” Eureka O’Hara teases in the trailer.

The Emmy award-winning series has the three drag queen hosts touring small town America in order to put on a one-night-only drag show featuring the inhabitants. Along the way, they interview locals, spread awareness of drag and LGBTQ+ issues, and hear stories from queer folks living in small towns.

The latest season will have them zigzagging through red states like Florida, Utah, Texas, Mississippi and New Jersey across 14 episodes.

The show is particularly relevant following a year of renewed attacks on the LGBTQ+ community, including a right-wing fixation on drag queens. This has included Florida Governor Ron DeSantis filing a complaint against a drag bar, Marco Rubio disparaging educational Drag Queen Story Hours, and a Texas legislator petitioning to ban such events for children. All of this has resulted in multiple instances of armed alt-right, Neo-Nazi groups showing up to drag events.

The new trailer for We’re Here alludes to this hysteria. “I don’t think we’re ready for a drag show,” says one resident. “There’s been a lot of turmoil surrounding it.”

In St. George, Utah, local councilwoman Michelle Tanner attempted to block the crew from filming in a family park. The trailer shows locals debating the issue in a town hall meeting, with one attendee saying, “I think this drag show will save lives.”

In terms of how filming compared to past seasons, co-creator Stephen Warren told Entertainment Weekly, “They’re more vocal and more visible in their hatred. There’s a brazenness to it that we didn’t really experience to a large degree in the past.” But the show itself is an antidote to that hatred. “You get to feel the joys and the pain, because there’s an exuberance and joyfulness in drag, for having people see you for who you are. We’re highlighting that as much as possible, but it’s juxtaposed against heightened hatred, discrimination, and paranoia.”

Weekly episodes of We’re Here Season 3 will be available on HBO and HBOMax starting November 25.


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