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‘X-Men ’97’ creator Beau DeMayo’s viral post confirms this queer fan theory

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*Spoilers ahead for X-Men ’97

Is there going to be a queer relationship in X-Men ’97 season two?

X-Men ’97‘s electric season came to an end this week with a cliffhanger that has fans developing fan theory after fan theory. Picking up where the original animated X-Men series left off, the Beau DeMayo-led series had fans in a chokehold and social media timelines filled with new memes and discourse after every episode. Not to mention, most of the chatter was around how inescapably queer (and horny) the show was.

If powerful mutants in ab-baring crop tops and or in tiny, black briefs aren’t enough to reel you in, DeMayo’s latest reveal just might. In episode ten titled “Tolerance is Extinction Pt. 3,” the X-Men are navigating not one, but three big bads in one episode, evil geneticist Mr. Sinister, master of magnetism Magneto, and technopath Bastion. The X-Men face one of their toughest challenges, which leave many of them wounded, specifically resident feral mutant Wolverine.

Aside from enhanced strength, senses, and reflexes, Logan a.k.a. Wolverine has an adamantium-bonded skeleton that allows him to protrude metal claws from his hands. However, in a last ditch effort, Magneto liquifies and removes the fictional metal alloy from Wolverine’s body leaving him incapacitated. Thankfully, his healing factor keeps him stabilized.

Well, in the scene, his bestie, the shapeshifting, nonbinary mutant Morph, sticks by his side. While the rest of the X-Men strive to prevent impending doom, Morph professes their love to an unconscious Wolverine. Specifically, Morph shape shifts into telepathic mutant (and Wolverine’s crush) Jean Grey and says “She can’t say it, but I can. I love you, Logan. Stay with me.”

While Wolverine and Morph are the best of friends, there have been numerous moments in the series where it seems that there’s more than meets the eye.

During the reboot, Morph is seen comforting Wolverine with snacks, beer, and (*checks notes*) wrestling while transformed into Wolverine’s nemesis Sabretooth. When the X-Men are falling from their jet, the Blackbird, Morph transforms into winged-mutant Archangel to fly over and save Wolverine. Lastly, the duo also share a scene where Morph walks in on Wolverine showering and Morph asks Wolverine if he needs “help with those hard to reach spaces.”

And if that’s not enough proof DeMayo confirmed it on X. DeMayo wrote, “Yes, Morph was confessing romantic feelings for Logan #xmen97.”

Needless to say, after all of the discourse around the two, fans are excited to have this confirmation.

Now, X-Men ’97 fans are waiting for Morph and Wolverine to have a queer romance for season two. Both mutants are canonically queer, so we’d love to see a potential love story blossom between the two of them.

The series was submitted for an Emmy nomination, cementing the shows impact on television. While DeMayo is no longer connected to the series, it was revealed that season two was already greenlit, written, and some of the voice actors have disclosed that they’ve started the recording process. While DeMayo may no longer be tied to the series, fingers crossed season two of X-Men ’97 is just as amazing as the first.

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