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Alexandra Billings to Caitlyn Jenner: “What a sad and sorry life you’re living”

Actor and trans advocate Alexandra Billings has blasted Caitlyn Jenner in an Instagram post.

Jenner has made no secret of her right-wing politics and her support for former President Donald Trump (yes, the man who banned trans people from serving in the military). She has also campaigned in recent years against trans women being allowed to compete in professional women’s sports.

In an op-ed she penned last week for the Daily Mail, Jenner argued against trans women being allowed to compete in events organized by the LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association). The organization has allowed trans competitors since 2010.

Jenner herself is a keen golfer. In fact, she’s taken part in women’s events. Among other competitions, she participated in the ANA Inspiration Pro-Am in Rancho Mirage, California, in 2016. She allowed the other competitors to vote to decide where she should tee off from. Women’s golf generally tee closer to the hole. The other competitors voted her to tee from the usual women’s spot.

Caitlyn Jenner playing golf
Caitlyn Jenner watches her shot from the first tee during the LIV Golf Pro-Am Tournament held at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, August 2023 (Photo: Shutterstock)

In her op-ed, Jenner took particular aim at trans athlete Hailey Davidson, who uses they/them pronouns. Davidson recently secured a victory at the NXXT Women’s Classic in Florida and quickly re-ignited the debate around trans people in women’s golf.

In her op-ed, Jenner said, “Davidson was a mediocre male golfer, who never had a real chance at making it in the PGA. But now Davidson is in the running for one of the most highly coveted spots in women’s sports.

“How is that fair to women?

“Why can’t Davidson, who earned a college scholarship as a male athlete, compete against men?”

Billings responds to Jenner

One person unimpressed by Jenner’s argument is ‘Transparent’ star Alexandra Billings. She reposted a shot of the article to her Instagram with a few choice words of her own for Jenner.

“Transphobia is never a good look when it’s coming from inside your own community. I’m so sorry for you, Caitlyn.”

“What a sad and sorry life you’re living. You could be doing so much good.

“Shame on you.

Billings added she hoped Jenner finds her way, but in the meantime, Billings will doing everything in her power to ensure her “bullying” is called out “as often and as loudly as possible.

“You’re not the only one with a platform. Thank God.”

Dr Rachel Levine

This is not the first time Billings has taken Jenner to task. In 2021, Jenner reposed a meme shared by Donald Trump Jr. It showed a split photo of Dr Rachel Levine, assistant secretary for health, who is trans, alongside Caitlyn Jenner. It was captioned, “Conservative girls are just better looking…”.

Jenner presumably thought it funny. She reshared it. Afterward, Billings wrote on Facebook, “Reposting Donald Trump Jr’s pic says volumes about both your self-hatred and your blatant transphobia. I know this rage. I lived with it for years and it is still a cacophony of voices that haunt me.

“Free yourself, Caitlyn. By doing that, you may set the greatest example of your life.”

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