Alaska and Willam Started A ‘Drag Race’ Podcast and It’s Hilarious and Informative

After about six months, Drag Race season is finally over. But if you’re looking for something to hold you over until next year, when All Stars 4 probably happens, we have just the thing for you.

Willam and Alaska have started a new podcast called Race Chaser, where they rewatch and give commentary on every episode of Drag Race from the very beginning.

Although there’s a ton of content about Drag Race out there, this podcast gives a lot of behind the scenes tidbits and personal stories that literally couldn’t be found anywhere else. In the first episode, they discuss the original casting process for Season 1, as well as go over the first episode in its entirety — the entrances, the mini-challenge, the maxi-challenge and the first lip-sync.

Some fun facts I learned: original casting was sponsored by an energy drink, and some of the original casting files include a ton of queens who would end up being on the show in the coming years — including Alexis Michelle.

I’m personally excited to not have to watch Drag Race until 2019, but it’s also nice to have some light summer reading in the meantime.

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