BenDeLaCreme Cancels Shows in Solidarity With Unpaid Drag Performers

Since All Stars 3 BenDeLaCreme has been doing what she thinks is right, even when it goes against the grain. When RuPaul talked about trans contestants on the show, DeLa was one of the queens to speak out against her by mentioning her trans partner.

“Help anyone who tries to tell him what he can and can’t do,” DeLa tweeted.

DeLa is standing up for others yet again, but this time it’s other for drag performers. DeLa, who has been traveling all over with her show, “Inferno A Go-Go,” has canceled some of her upcoming Australian shows to show solidarity with other performers who haven’t been paid for the last time they performed in the land down under.

In a Facebook post announcing the cancellation, DeLa mentions that she feels like promoters are trying to take advantage of people who lack her platform.

“I cannot in good faith continue to tour with a promoter who is not treating performers without my platform with the same consideration as those who have been on TV,” DeLa wrote about the situation. “It is my hope that this situation will be rectified very soon.”

BibleGirl666, a drag performer who tweeted about not being paid for her work in Australia, also mentioned the fact that she was an outlier in both not being paid and also not being an Drag Race girl.

BibleGirl also applauded DeLa on Twitter for showing solidarity, calling her “a true sister.” Outside of all of the drama surrounding Drag Race, both with the fans and among the queens themselves, it is definitely nice to see queer people supporting each other where it matters — helping each other get paid.

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