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The gays are asking: Is Grindr only good for hookups?

Another day, another viral Grindr screenshot. This time, the gays are debating the point of Grindr: is it only for sex, or is it fair to expect other kinds of connections?

The discourse started with a post on X from a user named Amaan, who posted a screenshot with the caption, “Grindr, you never fail to disappoint me!” In the screenshot, he’s letting another Grindr user know that due to an upcoming throat surgery, he’s unable to do anything oral. The other person asks if he can still bottom, to which Amaan replies, “Empathy, I see.”

Amaan’s post immediately drew attention from across the internet. Everyone’s critiques essentially boiled to one question: What did he expect? After all, Grindr is known for facilitating hookups, and Amaan had even been talking about oral sex earlier in the conversation (and using the app at midnight, to boot.) As one person put it, getting offended that the other Grindr user’s response was sexual is like going to a coffee shop and being upset when it serves you coffee.

But Amaan stood his ground, pointing out that Grindr markets itself as “a social networking app meant to connect people in the community.”

“Well, that’s what its website says,” he continued. “Now it is a different matter altogether that some of you have reduced it to an online s3x den which is totally fine, but I ain’t one of them.”

But others pointed out that Grindr has to call itself a networking app, because highlighting its explicit uses wouldn’t fly with straight folks.

Still, Amaan seemed upset that a conversation about his surgery would be met with an X-rated question.

“To everything trying to help me see ‘the point’ here — it would not have been shocking had the circumstance been more appropriate. But I see that you fellas embody the adage, ‘You become what you eat’,” he wrote. “You guys have eaten so many dicks that you have become one.”

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