Let's Go, Lesbians!

Did Shakira Just Come Out, Or Do I Need to Calm Down?

Imagine being me, today, innocently scrolling through Twitter when I hit upon this fantastic tweet:

“What!?” I shouted out loud. “International icon SHAKIRA is…GAY??” 

Instantly, I took to Google to figure out what in the hell was going on. Sure enough, there are articles. Several of them. Articles that explain that “Hips Don’t Lie” and “She-Wolf” singer Shakira stealthily changed her social avatars and cover photos to an artistic rendering of the lesbian flag. Don’t believe me? Here ya go

Obviously it was off to the races for the Internet’s finest detectives. Some of them even stopped what they were hard at work on (figuring out who that torso belongs to in the Lil Nas X IG story) to pursue this tantalizing queer mystery. 

The plot just KEEPS thickening!

Some folks are connecting the dots…from 2014!

This thing might just go all the way to the TOP!

Poor Shakira when she finds out how desperate we are for her to be gay:

Then again, maybe she has even more surprises in store for us…

There’s just one thing we care about now, and it’s getting to the bottom of this cold case:

As usual, hit us up with leads if you know the answer to this tantalizing lesbian mystery.

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