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People are Noticing Something Even Weirder About Caitlyn Jenner’s Tweets

We all know that Caitlyn Jenner—sometimes known as “trans Judas”—has been out of pocket for quite some time now. Whether she’s blaming trans people for our own persecution or simping for a literal monster, she just knows exactly the right thing to say to stay in the spotlight.

But there’s something else a little worrying going on, and it’s not the content of Jenner’s latest transphobic tweets. It’s where they’re coming from.

Recently, a Twitter used noticed something a little peculiar about Jenner’s tweets.

Now we all know that since being forced to follow through on his Twitter purchase, Elon Musk seems hell bent on breaking the site, or otherwise making it unusable, little knowing that most of us will probably be on that hellsite until we draw our dying breath because what the hell else do we have to do? In addition to the random early 2010s “doge” meme taking the place of the Twitter bird, we now get to see exactly where the tweets are coming from. And surprise surprise, they’re coming from inside the house.

From inside the SUV, rather.

So what’s funnier—the fact that Caitlyn Jenner is creating voice-to-text tweets while driving, or the fact that Twitter is seemingly making this fact transparent?

Lest we forget, Jenner was involved in—though not charged for—a 2015 car accident that resulted in a four car pile-up and the death of actress Kim Howe. And Jenner was driving—you guessed it—an SUV.

So, uh. You know. It’s awkward. To say the least.

Stay safe, friends. And maybe, just for today, in the greater Los Angeles area, stay off the road.

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