FIFA Fines Homophobic Football Fans From Mexico

As previously reported on INTO,  Mexico's World Cup victory over Germany on Sunday came with a splash of homophobia. Mexico fans chanted "puto," a slur used to describe male sex workers and often invoked to emasculate men, at Germany’s goalkeeper during a goal kick.

FIFA has a three-step policy that they institute for these specific cases, but none of those steps were followed during the game. The association responded after the game with a statement saying that they would investigate and open up “disciplinary proceedings” toward Mexico in order to decide the consequences.

They’ve now announced that Mexico will be fined a measly $10,000 — pocket change for the team worth $170 million.

As Cyd Zeigler pointed out on Outsports, this is not the first time FIFA has fined Mexico for this kind of infraction. “It hasn’t stopped them," he writes. "Fans screamed the anti-gay chant at the World Cup four years ago and all that’s happened is more fines.”

It’s clear that FIFA wants to appear to care about LGBT issues more than they actually care about enforcing policies that would benefit LGBT fans. This doesn’t come as a huge shock considering how bad the World Cup is for the working people who live in the host city. FIFA has made it clear that their biggest concern is their bottom line.

Ryan Khosravi

Ryan Khosravi is a culture writer based out of New York, and his thing in the world is beating unsuspecting straight men at Super Smash Bros.


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