Former Trans Employee Sues Starbucks For Discrimination

A former employee of Starbucks, Maddie Wade, is suing the company for the poor treatment she received when she discussed her plans to transition.

According to Wade, she told her manager and coworkers about her transition in fall 2017, along with her gender pronouns and said that her manager expressed negative feelings because of his religious beliefs.

“He had expressed his trouble wrapping his head around the situation,” Wade said in an interview with ABC 30. She explained that the treatment from her manager changed and her hours were cut.

After she quit Starbucks, Wade discovered transphobic memes that her former manager had shared on social media. Some of the posts included jabs at Caitlyn Jenner, while others made broader attacks on leftist politics.

She is now seeking unspecified damages from Starbucks, alleging that the loss of her insurance from her job forced her to stop transitioning and caused her more gender dysphoria. Still,  she wants to make it clear that she has no issue with Starbucks.

“I loved my friends and colleagues at Starbucks and expected to have a long-term career with the company,” Wade said in a statement to the Fresno Bee. “It was humiliating to come to work every day and be treated with no dignity or respect. I never would have expected this kind of behavior from a fellow employee who failed to represent the culture and ethics that have come to embody Starbucks as a global brand.”

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