It Looks Like Gay Republicans Prefer White Homophobes Over Black Women

The Log Cabin Republicans, an organization of LGBT Republicans, have officially endorsed GOP nominee Brian Kemp for the gubernatorial race in Georgia. Kemp has very openly supported the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), which is one of the laws being used currently to try to deny service to LGBT people on the basis of religious freedom. Kemp also endorsed Trump who, in case you’ve forgotten, hasn’t been great for LGBT folks.

“We would like to congratulate Brian Kemp on his hard-fought win tonight,” the organization wrote in a release, according to Project Q. “We offer him our full endorsement and look forward to working hard to help him win in November against radical liberal Stacey Abrams.”

Stacey Abrams, as the release mentions, is the Democrat who will be facing Kemp in the race for governor. Abrams strongly opposes the use of religious freedom to discriminate against LGBT people, but that clearly is not of concern to the Georgia Log Cabin Republications.

“Georgia Log Cabin Republicans endorsed Brian Kemp because our organization is based on Republican principles, and Brian Kemp represents many of those principles,” GLCR spokesperson Cameron Mason wrote in a statement to Project Q. “He is a small business owner who wants to put Georgians first and not pit them against each other. Kemp will continue the amazing legacy of Gov. Deal by creating jobs and making Georgia a great place to start businesses.” Mason goes onto say that Abrams is supported by “out-of-state liberals and socialists,” and that the Democrats only want to use identity politics to exploit the LGBT community.

While I’m always down for calling out Democrats on their “At Least We’re Not Them” political strategies, the GLCR has shown that they put more emphasis on the Republican part of the advocacy than they do the LGBT part.

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