Founder of Students for Trump charged with pistol-whipping his girlfriend

Former Campbell University student and founder of the cursed “Students for Trump” group Ryan Fournier is facing some assault charges. The 27-year old North Carolina ghoul has been formally charged with aggravated assault and misdemeanour charges after allegedly hitting his girlfriend in the face with a firearm; a Sig Sauer P229 pistol.

Fournier, who recently founded the group Radical Alert—which aims to “expose” liberal misdeeds on school campuses—was arrested last Tuesday. The victim, Fournier’s girlfriend, suffered injuries as a result of the attack. Fournier was able to post bail and update his Instagram followers to the “cheers and applause” greeting Trump’s arrival at the Clemson v USC football game on November 25th.

Meanwhile, those aware of Fournier’s previous political activities aren’t shocked to hear of his aggravated assault charges.

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