An image of a muscled-up trump stroking his nipple has the internet confused

We know Donald Trump’s MAGA fandom slavishly adore him to the point where they overlook his many faults, but an image circulated online this week has left even some of his hardcore devotees scratching their heads.

The picture in question was posted by rightwing YouTuber and podcaster Tim Pool. He posted an AI-generated image of Trump, boasting muscles and tattoos. One hand appears to be stroking a nipple.

“Democrats think prison will stop Trump but after he wins and pardons himself you’ll have THIS to deal with,” Pool bragged.

Tim Pool's tweet showing an AI image of Donald Trump

At the time of writing, the tweet had over 26k likes and prompted thousands of comments. People from across the political spectrum were left unimpressed.


Who is Tim Pool?

Tim Pool first came to attention as a “citizen journalist” covering the Occupy Wall Street protests in 2011. He went on to work as a roving reporter for Vice, before leaving and building a large YouTube and podcasting business. He currently has 1.8 million followers on X (formerly Twitter) and 1.3 million subscribers on YouTube.

Pool has previously calling himself a “Disaffected Liberal”. He has increasingly voiced opposition to anything he regards as woke, platformed conspiracy theorists, and offered a right-wing take on cultural issues.

Last month, Pool suggested that Hurricane Hilary caused the flooding of Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles because the team honored the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence at its Pride Night.

In another recent podcast, he suggested “high-value dudes” should shame potential female partners by asking them how many men they’d slept with.

Pool made headlines last year when he had Kanye West on his show. West made several anti-semitic comments. When Pool gently pushed back on some of the things West said, the rapper ended the interview.

Pool has posted several AI images of Trump (and Biden, too) to his social media.

Pool seemed unfazed by the controversy over his latest posting, suggesting he was having the last laugh. He says that the more engagement he gets, the more he gets paid by X.


Donald Trump himself appears to adore AI images of himself. He has sold heroic, fictional portraits as NFTs to gullible followers. He also recently criticized Fox News for using unflattering images of him in its reports.

In a recent Truth Social posting about his golf skills, he referred to himself as a good “athlete”. In a posting this week, he criticized President Biden’s physical health and said his “body is shot.” This prompted eye-rolls online.

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