State of the (Trans) Nation

Here are All the Anti-Trans Policies That Popped Up Over Thanksgiving

Last week, while trans people were trying get some well-deserved rest and spend some (hopefully) stress-free time with friends, family, and chosen family, four new anti-trans policies were surreptitiously introduced. Luckily, in other states, a few policies moved forward that would help protect trans folks’ safety and identities.

Per Erin Reed’s reporting, we learned of two separate drafts of policies attacking gender-affirming care for trans citizens. The state also moved ahead with an anti-drag show law along the lines of Tennessee’s recent effort to classify such events as “obscenity” taking place in a public arena.

Meanwhile, Kentucky attempted to move a bill forward that would classify the event of a trans person in a public bathroom an emergency—and no, I’m not exaggerating or making this up. 

A school district in Indiana, meanwhile, is trying to ban trans girls from playing school sports.

Time for the good news: In Illinois, SB4245 protects parents being persecuted in their home state for helping their trans children access care from being extradited after fleeing. In Washington DC, a similar bill protects those fleeing from trans persecution from being attacked and extradited. And in New Jersey, a new bill makes it illegal for dead names to be researched after a legal name change.

As usual, it’s one step forward, five steps back. The fight continues.

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