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Caitlyn Jenner and Martina Navratilova get into online spat… and this one’s personal

Caitlyn Jenner and Martina Navratilova have got into an online spat that’s turned personal.

Jenner and Navratilova have several things in common. They have both enjoyed illustrious athletic careers and are part of the LGBTQ+ community. To the disappointment of many others in the queer community, they are also both opposed to allowing trans women to compete in women’s sporting events. However, that appears to be where the similarities between them end.

Jenner is a Trump supporter and Navratilova is a Democratic voter who has been championing Joe Biden.

Over the weekend, Jenner echoed many on the far-right in criticizing Joe Biden for celebrating Trans Day of Visibility. The annual event falls on March 31. This year, that also happened to be Easter Sunday.

Jenner continued her attack in an interview on Fox News. She accused the Democrats of attempting to “destroy the family structure, destroy religion.”

Former tennis champion Navratilova pointed to Jenner’s own family life to question her as an authority on the matter.

“So says a divorcee….6 children with 3 different wives and it’s the left that is destroying the family? Got it… what a pathetic hypocrite.”

“Don’t ever come after my family!”

Jenner was enraged at the suggestion.

“Last time I checked @Martina I raised one of the most successful families in the world, with the most amazing women — their mothers — by my side,” said Jenner. “You’re the hypocrite. You support dems that want men in women’s sport, ruining Title IX. Don’t ever come after my family! Tasteless!!!”

This prompted another response from Navratilova. She said she was coming after Jenner alone, not her family.

Navratilova then responded to several followers of Jenner who defended the trans Republican.

When not beefing with Navratilova, Jenner yesterday defended JK Rowling for misgendering trans women and championed a Donald Trump suggestion for a ‘Christian Visibility Day’.

Jenner’s far-right politics have resulted in many in the trans community washing their hands of her. Recently, trans actress Alexandra Billings went viral with an Instagram posting bidding “goodbye” to Jenner.

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