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Jack Schlossberg has a very sexy new job and photos to prove it

Since he cemented himself in the public eye as social media sensation last month, we’ve been closely following the movements of one Jack Schlossberg, Kennedy scion and reciter of poetry par excellence. He gave us some great insights during the ill-fated debate two weeks ago, and now Schlossberg is apparently going to be in our faces full time in his new role as a political correspondent at Vogue.

Obviously this is very sexy news, and we’re quite thrilled about it. More Schlossberg in the news means more excuses to openly gaze at Schlossberg.

Not only is the only-living Kennedy grandson quite easy on the eyes, he’s already got a devoted following of thirsty gays Vogue readers who are guaranteed to hang on his every word.

On Schlossberg’s grid post announcing his sweet new gig, commenters sounded off lustily. “welcome back carrie bradshaw,” one commenter wrote. “Suddenly i’m subscribed to vogue,” said another.

You and me both, friend.

Just when we thought American politics was dead as a doornail!

Also, can we talk about this photoshoot?

Can’t wait for his first column—especially if it’s going to be accompanied by a picture of the Kennedy in question.

Honestly, love this for him.

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