Queening Out

JFK’s grandson Jack Schlossberg has the gays going feral for this new video

The Kennedys are American royalty, and a new video proves Jack Schlossberg is the princess.

Schlossberg is John F. Kennedy’s only grandson, and he’s a Harvard-educated lawyer. But nowadays, he’s better known for what gets up to outside the courtroom, including filming a viral video that’s equal parts thirst trap and lip sync for your life.

The video sees Schlossberg, shirtless in a backward baseball cap, singing “Ticket to Ride” by The Beatles and striking coy poses. He swings his hips, shakes his finger, and makes doe eyes at the camera. In other words, he’s “queening out,” as many folks on the internet put it. Among queer folks, the thirst was real.

Of course, Schlossberg showing off his femme side didn’t go over well with conservatives, who claimed he’s ruining the Kennedy family name.

But others pointed out that he’s actually fulfilling his family legacy, in more ways than one. As far as his grandfather, JFK was heavily rumored to be a little fruity himself, with many theorizing his lifelong friendship with Lem Billings was more than platonic.

And elsewhere in the Kennedy family tree, Edith and “Little Edie” Beale — the stars of the infamous documentary Grey Gardens — could provide the reason for some of Schlossberg’s eccentricities.

Besides, Schlossberg’s antics might read as gay to the untrained eye, but lots of folks pointed out that acting queer is a favorite pastime for straight guys — often, it’s the gay guys that are overly obsessed with acting masculine.

Whether Schlossberg is queer or not, he’s certainly a free spirit, and he’s just gained a new legion of queer fans.

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