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Marjorie Taylor Greene attempts to patronize an older lawmaker and fails miserably

Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene had another embarrassing day in Congress yesterday. Not only did she appear to mock another lawmaker over their age, but she also took to the floor to scream her transphobia out loud.

Greene, 49, spoke during a congressional debate on education spending. At one point, she responded to comments made by the Democratic Connecticut Rep. Rosa DeLauro, 80.

Greene said, “My colleague who is 80 years old just said we’re on the verge of a shutdown. She probably just forgot she voted for the CR, we are not on the verge of a shutdown.”

Earlier this week, the House voted on a continuing resolution (CR) to avoid a government shutdown. The stop-gap measure would secure funding until the New Year. However, it has yet to be approved by the Senate. DeLauro was quick to remind Greene on this point, in case the younger woman had forgotten how Congress works.

“​​What the gentlelady doesn’t know is there is another body attached to the Congress called the Senate,” said DeLauro. She went on to also point out that the measure has to be signed by the President.

Watch below.

Online, many praised the Connecticut lawmaker’s response to Greene, with one well-liked comment saying, “DeLauro literally schooled her.”

DeLauro also earned praise for giving her own impassioned speech on the importance of increasing spending on education.

Greene attacks Dr Rachel Levine

Greene’s own lack of education was also on display yesterday evening. She launched a bill amendment to have the salary of Dr Rachel Levine, Assistant Secretary of Health, reduced to $1.

Levine is a trans woman. Greene took the floor with a big sign, normally displayed outside her office, declaring: “There are two genders, male and female, ‘Trust the science!’”.

Marjorie Taylor Greene
Marjorie Taylor Greene tries to have Dr Rachel Levine’s salary reduced to £1 (Photo: Twitter)

In a tweet, she said she wanted to “castrate” Levine’s salary, the same way Levine “supports castrating children who suffer from gender dysphoria.” She also objected to Levine’s support for widespread Covid vaccine use.

She used Levine’s dead name and ‘he’ pronouns (Levine now uses she/her pronouns). Greene also used “he” pronouns in relation to Levine throughout her speech to Congress. You can watch below. Be aware, Greene use hateful language throughout and accuses Greene of “grooming” minors exploring their gender identity.

Greene has emerged as one of the most transphobic members of Congress. She has authored a bill that she’s trying to push through Congress banning any gender-affirming care for minors.

Despite another speech from Rosa DeLauro opposing Greene’s attempts to “demonize” Levine, the amendment passed on a voice vote. However, the full House still needs to vote on the bill and it will then face the Senate, where it will most likely fail in its current form. Last week, Greene authored a similar amendment to try and have Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s salary reduced to $1. It too passed on a voice vote.

Most regard Greene’s salary-reduction bids as performative politics that do little to serve her Georgia constituents.

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