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Marjorie Taylor Greene defends praising fake video of a mom tearing down a Pride flag

The internet has dragged Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene for posting a video appearing to show a concerned parent tearing down a Pride flag in a classroom.

Greene posted the video on Monday, saying, “GOD BLESS THIS MAMA!!!!! I stand with her!!! 💪Teachers are paid by taxpayers – the PARENTS!!! Get the LGBTQ propaganda out of the schools!”

Greene’s stance is unsurprising. She has been one of the most consistently anti-LGBTQ+, far-right lawmakers in the U.S. House in recent years. She proudly displays a transphobic sign outside her office declaring ‘There are TWO genders: Male and female. ‘Trust the science’”.

Across the U.S., classrooms have become a battleground in the culture wars. Florida introduced its notorious ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill last year to prevent the discussion of LGBTQ+ issues in schools. The influential Libs of TikTok social media account regularly attempts to shame teachers who display rainbow flags in their classrooms. It makes many educators afraid to talk to kids about anything remotely queer-related.

Doubling down

Although Greene’s stance is unsurprising, she probably didn’t realize that she posted a skit video. Other X users were quick to point to its source: A recent production posted by the comedian Jibrizy. The original is on Facebook. At the 6:25 mark, Jibrizy confirms it’s a skit and asks people for their reaction to the flag being pulled down.

Greene was promptly dragged for sharing the fake scenario.

Now aware she’d posted a fake video, one might think Greene would have deleted her tweet. She might even—heaven’s forbid—apologize for presenting fictional material as real.

But no. Greene doubled down.

“If this is a fake or a skit, it’s a very good representation of exactly how people feel,” she posted in a follow-up tweet.

MTG memoir

Yesterday, Greene revealed she will soon publish her “first book”. The memoir, entitled MTG, is out November 21. The 300-page tome will reflect on her life and career. The Washington Examiner identifies the book’s publishers as the “Trump-aligned Winning Team Publishing”.

Greene told the outlet the book will be “setting the record straight.”

“I tell about COVID. I talk about COVID and my personal experience going through that when my dad died,” she said. “I talk about fights I’ve had with people. I talk about the speaker’s race. I talk about the House Freedom Caucus. So I’m pretty much running the gamut, and I even talked about Jewish space lasers.”

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