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Poll: In this photo, is Ron DeSantis praying or suffering from constipation?

It’s the 22nd anniversary of 9/11, which on the world wide web means only one thing: lots and lots of “never forget” memes.

Yes, 9/11 was a horrible national tragedy: it’s also an excuse for some of America’s most Satanic bearers of office to pretend they hold human life dear, rather than pricing it quite cheaply indeed. Let’s take for instance Ron DeSantis, a man who allegedly tortured people at Guantánamo, eats pudding with his fingers, and generally seems to stand for pure, unadulterated Eichmann-style evil. Regardless of this, DeSantis and his wife were photographed today praying at a New York vigil for families of the lost.

At least…we think he’s praying. It’s not altogether clear. There’s something about DeSantis’s posture, coupled with what we know about his diet and his total disregard for human life, that signals that there might be something wrong with this picture.

Namely: are we absolutely sure he’s not just constipated?

In other photos from the event, he’s shown clutching his stomach and looking like he’s in need of some ex-lax.

I mean, look at his wife sitting beside him. Casey DeSantis is exhibiting what humans on Earth would refer to as a normal face, such as one might make while praying at a vigil. Her husband, however, looks like he’s about to pass an extremely unpleasant, rock-hard sh*t.

But listen, I’m just one person, a person whose mind lives in the toilet most of the time. So you be the judge! What do you think: is DeSantis actually moved by the 9/11 vigil, or is praying for a miracle to loosen his bowels. Celebrate our great democracy by casting your vote below:

What's going on in this photo?


He's pinching one off



He's praying


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What's going on in this photo?

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