Swift Election

Taylor Swift is Joe Biden’s secret weapon, but can celebrities swing an election?

When it comes to the 2024 presidential election, all eyes are on Taylor Swift.

2024 is here and that means the long trek to Election Day gets closer. With Democrats striving maintain control of The White House and Republicans aiming to take it over, each party is pulling out all the stops to get ahead in this presidential race, but one party may have a secret calling card.

While Donald Trump seeks out the Republican nomination, President Joe Biden is looking to strengthen his re-election bid with pop star power, mainly from Taylor Swift. Aside from several hit albums, numerous accolades, and record-breaking concert sales, the “Anti-Hero” singer also has immense influence with her fans and Biden is looking to Swifties to turn the tide in this year’s election.

Swift, who endorsed Biden in 2020, boasts over 279 million followers and a single post from the Grammy winner prompted 35,000 new voter registrations. Not to mention, Swift has been even more vocal about her political perspectives, further influencing her Swifties to think about their own POVs.

And while Biden is preparing an influencer strategy to get popular influencers to promote pro-Biden content, an endorsement from Swift would be true trump card. So much so that the Biden administration even flirted with the idea of the 46th president attending Swift’s the Eras Tour.

Talk about dedication.

Pop stars have famously used their influence to encourage their fans to go register to vote and to head to the polls. The likes of Ariana Grande, Beyoncé, and Lady Gaga have urged their fanbases to get political, with the latter two artists even playing a role in the presidential inaugurations of Biden and Barack Obama.

Additionally, music has always been a conduit for politics, whether it’s Gaga advocating for gay rights in “Born This Way” or Beyoncé highlighting police brutality in “Formation.” Now, with Biden seeking re-election, he’s banking on Swifties to keep him in The White House.

And if he wins, this might be Swift’s most prolific era ever.

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