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Trump’s sons desperately scramble for cover after civil fraud bombshell

Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump both took the witness stand yesterday to offer testimony related to the $250 million civil fraud case Donald Trump is currently facing. And that testimony was, in a word, hilariously contradictory.

This week, the Brothers Trump are being asked to explain their role in misrepresenting their father’s net worth. The first thing Donald Trump Jr. did upon taking the stand was pass the buck. True to form, Trump Jr., who has headed up the Trump Organization with his brother since 2017, denied having anything to do with the allegedly fraudulent documents that created an exaggerated sense of Trump’s finances for potential investors. Instead, he claimed the Trump Organization’s accounting firm Mazars USA was at fault.

“I relied on Mazars and my accounting team to tell me what is accurate within the confines of accounting,” Donald Trump Jr. said on the stand, claiming he only signed off on the allegedly fraudulent paperwork. He declined to respond to further questioning.

Eric Trump took a different approach, stating he never “saw or worked on a statement of financial condition,” claiming such duties were not “part of what [he] did for the company.” Which begs the question: what the hell was he doing for the company?

The documents in question remain important to the impending civil fraud case: if the alleged fraudulent papers were discovered to be ok’ed by the Trumps, it could saddle the brothers with the responsibility for providing false numbers to banks in order to secure loans.

We’ll see how it all plays out, but for now, it’s certainly nice to see the Trumps squirm.

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