Vivek Ramaswamy Posts Shirtless ‘Debate Prep’ Video and the Internet Has Thoughts

Presidential wannabe Vivek Ramaswamy is trying hard to prove he’s different from the other GOP contenders. Yesterday, he posted a video of himself preparing for tomorrow’s first Republican debate in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

All of those taking part in the debate are no doubt rehearsing with their advisers and prepping answers for potential questions. Ramaswamy’s video was rather different. It showed him, shirtless and playing tennis. The biotech entrepreneur’s accompanying caption said, “Three hours of solid debate prep this morning. 🇺🇸”

It’s unclear whether Ramaswany, 38, is wanting to appear unfazed by the upcoming debate, or whether he’s suggesting he thinks more clearly while engaging in exercise.

Some of his followers praised his youth and vitality.

However, many others rolled their eyes. 

Others said the video was giving Putin vibes. The Russian President is fond of posting shirtless selfies to demonstrate his manliness.

Ramaswamy raps to Eminem

Last week, Ramaswamy—like most of the other GOP contenders—turned up at the Iowa State Fair. Unlike any of the others, Ramaswamy thought it was a good idea to treat spectators to his version of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself”.

During event, a member of the public asked Ramaswany his “opinions on the LGBTQ+ community.”

“Well, I don’t think it’s one community,” Ramaswamy replied. “I mean, how could it be. Just mash together an alphabet soup. Trans is fundamentally in tension with gay if you ask me. But what’s your opinion?”

“I’m personally am pansexual,” the person responded, who went on to ask Ramswamy his view on same-sex couples.

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“I don’t have a negative view of same-sex couples, but I do have a negative view of a tyranny of the minority,” Ramaswamy said. “So I think that in the name of protecting against the tyranny of the majority, and there are times in this country’s history where we have had a tyranny of the majority. We have now in the name of protecting against tyranny of the majority created a new tyranny of the minority.”

Although seen as a rank outsider at the start of his campaign, Ramaswamy has been polling third behind Ron DeSantis in recent polls. Donald Trump is still the runaway favorite, polling around 50 points ahead of DeSantis. Trump has made it clear this week that he will not be taking part in tomorrow’s debate as—given his huge lead—he does not see any point in doing so. 

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