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Trans People in Texas Take to the Streets To Fight For Endangered Youth

If you’re not aware of what’s happening in Texas, here’s a quick refresher. Last week, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton released an opinion designing supportive treatment of trans kids as child abuse. Texas Governor Greg Abbott quickly published a letter explaining that he would take the opinion seriously and use Child Protective Services to investigate supportive families of trans children. As of today, Texas has started investigating such families with the intent to remove trans children and place them in homes where they will be forced to detransition.

The ACLU is filing suit, and trans Texans are taking to the streets today to protect the cruel, completely inhumane treatment of these children and their families.

One child named Mary is already in danger of being removed from her home. While her parents are refusing to give her up, Child Protective Services is still insisting on carrying forth the investigation. Horrified, trans Texans and allies are rallying against this treatment.

We’re still waiting for Joe Biden and the Justice Department to address the issue in a public forum. Perhaps tonight’s State of the Union speech will refer to the cruelty and injustice trans kids and their supportive families are currently undergoing in Texas…then again, perhaps not.

Whatever happens, we’ll continue standing up and fighting back. If you want to help trans kids and their families in Texas, consider the following causes:

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