Jealousy Pulls On Me

Andrew Tate pretends not to know who Troye Sivan is after GQ cover

GQ Magazine just released their end-of-year “Men of the Year” issue, and one Andrew Tate is certainly butthurt not to have been included.

How do we know this? His reaction to cover star Troye Sivan, whose accomplishments this year—including the hot and horny video for “Rush” and seducing Ross Lynch in girlmode—certainly make him a perfect pick for any such list.

But Tate is in his feelings as usual. Commenting on the GQ Twitter announcement, Tate replied, “who the f*ck is this” as if he hasn’t watched the “Rush” video 40 million times like the rest of us.

I mean, I get it. It’s disappointing when you spend your whole life trying to get GQ to notice you and dub you a Man of the Year, and then they turn around and give it to someone with actual accomplishments. That must hurt—it must really sting! But also, Tate could have kept his feelings to himself. He could have said “mazel!” to Troye Sivan and gone his merry, psychotic way.

But no–that would be too easy. Instead, Tate has to pretend he doesn’t know who Troye Sivan is, which is actually impossible in the year 2023.

Then again, some interesting theories are emerging…

But let’s let this poster have the final word on the subject:

Here’s to a (hopefully) Andrew Tate-free 2024!

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