Excuse Me?

Bradley Cooper has no problem taking his clothes off

Oscar nominee Bradley Cooper is “totally” fine with being nude, but his shower confession has the internet scratching its head.

The Maestro actor went on actor and bestie Dax Shepard’s podcast Armchair Expert to dish on Leonard Bernstein (the topic of his Oscar nominated film about the famed queer composer), his love of reality TV, and morning rituals. Cooper was a previous guest on the show and the two men easily conversed like old friends. Nothing seemed unusual, until the two shared their bathroom routines and the Internet was left perplexed.

Both parents, Shepard and Cooper shared what their mornings rituals were like, with Shepard discussing how his bathroom time is primetime for posting about his show and conversations with his children as they get ready for school. The two actors dished on feeling incredibly sitting on the toilet around their kids, as well as being in the buff around their families. Personal space doesn’t seem be a concern in Shepard and Cooper households, but Shepard wanted to get to the root of Cooper’s birthday suit comfort.

Shepard asked Cooper, “Is it your genes that make you not care or is just the nurture of it all?”

“Here’s what’s interesting, I didn’t grow up that way, at all,” Cooper replied. “I don’t think I ever saw my father on the toilet until he got sick, like ever in my life.”

Shepard then describes how his family is naked all the time, something that Cooper admits to being as well. That’s when Cooper revealed that he took showers with his father growing.

“And by the way, I was like that, not with my mom, but with my dad,” Cooper clarified. “He was always nude and [I] always took showers with him.”

“Just no poo evacuations, but showering was fine?,” asked Shepard.

Cooper simply responded with “yea” and admitted that he’s “totally” fine with being nude, which is evident in films like Nightmare Alley. But the internet feels like they could have done without these familial details.

Maybe that one should’ve stayed in the group chat.

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