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Brian Cox’s fancy loafers have the gays screaming “zaddy”

Succession may be over, but thankfully Brian Cox—who starred as the power-hungry tycoon Logan Roy on the award-winning HBO series—is still very much in the game. What game, you ask? Why the game of serving c*nt on national television, of course.

Last week, the actor showed up on “The Tonight Show” to talk to Jimmy Fallon about his near-brush with the James Bond franchise, and life after Succession.

The clip started making the rounds on social not just for its content—which is charming—but for Cox’s daring fashion choices. Cox appears with a scant beard, taupe-colored leather (or pleather) pants, and a pair of truly stunning loafers. And before you ask—no, he was not wearing socks. We got a sockless loafer moment from the stentorian actor, and absolutely no one is complaining. Quite the contrary, in fact…

Let it never be said that Brian Cox doesn’t have that range. He has that range, and that rizz.

It was a fashion moment to shame the Gods themselves.

The girls are wondering how this man found out about Zara…

Just how he got styled this way doesn’t matter—this fit will live on in history.

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