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Lauren Boebert skipped her own son’s trial but showed up for Trump’s

Noted Beetlejuice The Musical fan and mother of the year Lauren Boebert showed everyone her true priorities this week. While her son Tyler—currently on trial in Colorado for several misdemeanors including property theft, along with one felony charge—showed up to his trial last week without a lawyer due to alleged money issues, his mom was busy preparing to show support for Trump at the ex-President’s ongoing criminal trial.

Now under ordinary circumstances, it wouldn’t matter what a mother chooses to do with her time. Going to court to support your f*ckup son is entirely optional, especially if you have better things to do. However, this is Lauren Boebert we’re talking about. The fact that she’s prioritizing Trump over making sure her son has legal counsel is utterly wild, if completely predictable.

Despite her son’s many legal challenges, which include charges of crashing his dad’s car, breaking and entering, and his alleged attempt to make a sex tape while underage, Boebert has voiced strong support for the 18-year-old, telling Newsweek that it “breaks [her] heart to see [her] child struggling and, in this situation, especially when he has been provided multiple opportunities to get his life on track.”

She also stated: “I will never give up on him and I will continue to be there for him.”

And yet…where is she? Oh right, at Trump’s trial in New York with the rest of the losers.

When conservatives talk about “family values,” is this part of it?

It’s even weirder that Boebert & Co. keep crying poor when pressed about why Tyler Boebert still doesn’t have a defense lawyer.

But again, there’s nothing surprising about this. The Trump cult takes precedence over all.

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