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Gilded Age zaddy Morgan Spector shows off juicy thighs and more in new photo

Fans of the HBO drama The Gilded Age know what true love is: it’s the love between vulgar nouveau riche husband and wife George and Bertha Russell, played exquisitely by Morgan Spector and Carrie Coon. And true stans will be aware that the (platonic) love these two have for each other absolutely extends offscreen, as evidenced by a delicious new photo.

Wearing a fan-made shirt featuring a loving collage of Coon’s character Bertha Russell—and little else—Spector took to IG stories to flex, quite literally. Tagging his co-star, he captioned the photo “without socks it just wasn’t elegant enough.”

Elegant perhaps isn’t the word for this image: iconic, rhapsodic, thirst-inducing, dehydrating—all of these would work slightly better. Since Spector gave us the gift of his thighs, they’ve had us in a chokehold.

First of all—who gave that man permission to have so many muscles in his legs! Is that the normal amount of muscles? Because how does a mere mortal’s thighs look that way? The people demand answers!

As for the shirt, it’s from this Etsy account and it’s fast becoming all the rage. Consider us influenced!

Even the original creator chimed in!

I guess we’re fans of The Gilded Age now?

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