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The queerest non-queer characters, according to the internet

Sometimes, a character is so queer-coded, you forget they’re supposed to be cis or straight. But a piece of media’s intentions have never stopped queer folks from creating their own alternate realities, and the gay internet’s latest trend proves it.

On X, a viral post asked users to “name a character whose queerness is so obvious to you that you genuinely forget [it’s] not canon,” and queer folks were happy to oblige.

People’s answers ran the gamut through all forms of media. In the world of animation, one film looms about the rest for its implicit gay representation: Luca. The queerness of its two main characters, sea monsters Luca and Alberto, has been debated since the film first released in 2021, with the latest updates earlier this year bringing their relationship closer to canon than ever before. Really though, those fish would be gay whether Pixar confirmed it or not.

Another Disney character who gives lots of gay energy is Frozen’s Elsa, who hasn’t had a romantic interest in either of the franchise’s films (though her newfound friendship with Frozen 2’s Honeymaren has fans hopeful for a sapphic spark in the upcoming Frozen 3).

And sticking with the realm of children’s media, we all assume Sesame Street’s Bert and Ernie are life partners, right?

As far as TV, the newest season of Netflix’s Bridgerton finally introduced LGBTQ+ characters to the period drama, but there’s still one Bridgerton sibling fans just know is part of the queer community: Eloise, who “hates men” and thinks “heterosexual marriage sounds like a prison” as one user pointed out.

Showtime’s Yellowjackets is another show with a few queer characters that really feels like it ought to have more, including Shauna and Natalie.

9-1-1 went viral this year for its main character Buck coming out as bisexual — but fans think his best friend Eddie is just as fruity.

And when it comes to sitcoms, Parks and Recreation’s Ann Perkins and Leslie Knope both set off some fans gaydars — as did the entire main cast of Frasier.

Other name-dropped characters include Quinn Fabray from Glee

…and House’s titular character, Dr. House.

Meanwhile, sci-fi and fantasy are equally rife with queer-coded characters. There’s The Lord of the Rings’ power couple Frodo and Sam…

The Hunger Games’ charismatic Johanna Mason…

…and Supernatural’s Dean Winchester, who came so, so close to bisexuality in the series finale.

Even historical characters entered the conversation, like the ancient Greek hero Achilles — though his queerness might be too canonical for this category of nearly queer folks.

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