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Warner Bros. Stands Up for JK Rowling’s Anti-Trans Tactics

Here in America, when you continue to make a lot of money for a company, they’re probably going to keep loving you forever, even if you start literally murdering and eating children in the public square. 

At least, it seems true of the relationship between Warner Bros. and JK Rowling, whose “Harry Potter” franchise has brought the company millions. And because of those millions (even if the returns might be diminishing in recent years) the studio has declared that they’re “proud” to work with TERF extraordinaire Rowling, who has shifted in recent years from “beloved children’s author” to “baby-eating witch in a Grimm fairy tale” due to her wholehearted embrace of violence toward to the trans community. 

After a recent press release, Harry Potter actor Tom Felton was asked about the TERF writer’s involvement in upcoming franchise projects, including the Fantastic Beasts series. Felton was not allowed to answer the question after a shrewd publicist re-directed the conversation, but shortly after, a spokesperson for the official Warner Bros. Studio Tour London told notorious rag The Daily Mail in a statement that:

“Warner Bros. has enjoyed a creative, productive, and fulfilling partnership with J.K. Rowling for the past 20 years. She is one of the world’s most accomplished storytellers, and we are proud to be the studio to bring her vision, characters, and stories to life now – and for decades to come.”

Creative and fulfilling? Proud? Okay…that’s certainly a take. 

Warner Bros. isn’t the only media conglomerate to disappoint this week in regards to JK Rowling approval. Prolific author (and sometime ally) Stephen King tweeted an endorsement yesterday of Rowling’s forthcoming book, written under the pen name Robert Galbraith.

It’s a disturbing turn of events to say the least, especially considering the content of Rowling’s Galbraith novels. The last book, 2020’s “Troubled Blood,” came under fire for using the “murderous trans killer” trope as the center of its murder mystery plot. The new book, “The Ink Black Heart,” concerns anonymous online abuse. Which…you know…raises some red flags. 

Though who are we kidding, it’s Rowling we’re talking about. She’s decided that anti-transness is her subject, and boy is she running with it.  

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